Headmistress Sade’s Training Dummy For Soren

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be the training dummy when Mme. Sade taught Miss Soren anal play. A training session is slightly different from a regular session, the focus is on the training and your pleasure, while not ignored (and certainly not this time) is of secondary importance to going through all of the details of the techniques to be used. However, any time you can do anal play with Mme Sade is an opportunity not to be missed. Add the appeal of a beautiful new inexperienced Domme trying it for the first time and it makes for a delicious experience.

When I arrived I was brought into the waiting room by Miss Soren and we got to chat for a few minutes as we waited for HM Sade to finish her session. Miss Soren is a tall very attractive Domme with curly light brown hair. She then showed me to the Red Room where I undressed and then went to take a quick shower.

When I returned from showering HMS was there laying out her toys, with the precision of an Operating Room Nurse – everything in order. She had laid out several small to medium sized dildos , the Purple Orchid G, g-spot vibrator, gloves and lube all on an absorbent pad (TMI?). She showed Miss Soren to keep the Lube pump spout where it would not drip any lube on any of the other items.

HMS then explained to Miss Soren the importance of keeping things arranged, not mixing contaminated objects – objects and lube that had come into contact with the anus or fluids from that area – and uncontaminated items. She also explained that you should always use condoms on all the toys and to cover vibrators completely by knotting the condom around the base of the vibrator.

HM Sade also explained that she liked to be double gloved – so that once a glove was soiled she could remove the outer glove and always have a clean gloved hand to work with. OK time for fun.

Now double gloved she had me lay on the bondage bed with my butt at the edge and tied my legs up in a stirrups like position using ankle cuffs and a rope. Then she lubed the fingers of her right hand and began to lube my butt and anus with her fingers and slowly slide one finger in and out. It was a great tease.

“Try not to get lube all over the place, keep it right around the anus. If its all over his butt cheeks you’ll get lube on your clothes and toys and won’t know what’s clean.”

Then she began to open me up, going slowly, more slowly than normal for me, to show how to work with less experienced subs. I felt her fingers inside me. First one, then another. She used her fingers to massage my prostate and slowly worked on it. She worked up and down and around, gradually increasing the pace. Soon I was clearly responding and she quickened the pace to take me to my first anal orgasm (p-gasm). Miss Soren had never seen one before. Mme. Sade continued for a few more minutes and brought me to 2 or 3 more orgasms before inviting Miss Soren to try.

As they changed places HM Sade demonstrated how to remove a glove – pinching the fingers together to hold them inside then pulling the wrist of the glove down around and over the fingers so that the clean inside of the glove was facing out and the dirty exterior was all confined inside the glove.

Miss Soren then stepped up to my butt, double gloved and lubed her fingers. She also started slowly, first on the outside then working a finger in. Lots of lube. Then a second finger. Next she pushed her fingers in more deeply and began to feel around. HMS described where the prostate was and what it felt like. Miss Soren kept exploring and moving her fingers in, out and around. After a few moments I clearly responded – she had found the prostate. HMS described how different subs respond to different motions or strokes. She also warned that when I came my muscles would clench around her hand and push out. Miss Soren varied the way she moved her fingers, watching the way I responded to different movements. Then she found a motion that clearly turned me on, and continued to push in and out on that spot. Slowly at first, then quickening the pace, then moving deeper – further in and out. Then I came. She felt her hand squeezed and watched me come. I warned her that I when I have a p-gasm my sphincter muscles can contract so hard that they can involuntarily force the dildo or vibrator, even very large ones, right out of my ass.

One down, time for more. She continued to play for some time. Varying her motion, getting the feel all around my ass, watching my response to different motions. Then she focused on trying to get me off. She found the spot and pressed in upon it. I came, once, she kept going – a little harder – and I came again, and again and again – until I had to ask her to stop. She did and rested a minute then began again. She did this several times, making me come repeatedly until I could take no more.

Time for strapon. Under HM Sades watchful eyes she carefully removed the outer gloves and replaced them. Mme. Sade put on a dildo harness with a medium sized dildo, lubed it up and began to fuck me. She entered very slowly, even though I was already well worked in. The she began to fuck me. She showed how to not to get lube on her clothes or person and how to watch the subs repsonses as a guide to what is working. Then she began to make me come repeatedly.

“If you get good at this you are going to get jealous – its like watching one of those woman who can just keep cumming.” Mme. Sade said as she continued humping away, making me cum repeatedly.

“It’s not the size that matters. I always say I can do more with 4 inches than most men can do with 9.” Instructed HMS.

Finally, I was spent and I asked to rest for a second. Mme. Sade decided it was now it was Miss Soren’s turn.

Miss Soren donned a strapon harness, picked a medium size dildo and slid it into the ring. Mme. Sade showed her how to tilt the dildo based upon the curve of the dildo and the position of the sub. You want it so that the tip hits the prostate. If the sub is on his back, the the curve of the dildo should be up. If he is in a face down position, like doggie, the curve should be downward.

Since I was on my back Miss Soren turned it curve up, then lubed it well and stepped behind me. Slowly she began to slide the dildo into my ass. Slowly she inserted it all the way, then began to slide it in and out. Soon she was fucking away. She turned to HM Sade and observed – “You can really feel this in your abs.”

“Do this a few times a week and you’ll have a 6-pack in no time.” HMS answered.

Using the dildo as a straight on fuck she quickly brought me to orgasm – I was well primed at this point. Thne she tried different directons, different strokes, different speeds, different angles as she fucked away at my ass. She made me come repeatedly several times, not stopping after the first p-gasm, but fucking away until I came again and again, not stopping until I begged for a rest. She did this several times. At one point I did force the strapon right out my ass as I came. Finally, I was exhausted.

I slowly got up and hit the shower. On the way out Miss Soren thanked me for offering my butt to learn in.
“The pleasure was all mine.” I assured her.


” Stick me, rape me, burn me, beat me but for the love of God! Not the plastic knife!”