I’ve Been SADE Emized

Had my second session with the lovely Mme Sade last week. She was looking hotter than ever. Tall. Beautiful. Confident. Completely in control. I was her sleazy boss whom she had caught looking through a peephole into the ladies’ rest room to get my jollies. She gave me two options. She would report me to the company brass and the authorities, charge me with… Read More

Beautiful Sadist

Mme Sade gave me one of the best sessions I ever had. I like strap-on play, so, several months ago, when I read about her session with mcjock (My Poor Bruised Pubic Bone), I took notice. Mme Sade described how she gave him the hardest, fastest thrusts she could hand out. mcjock responded by saying that it was the best strap-on session he ever… Read More

The Gang Bangs All Here Review

A few weeks ago I scheduled a special multi- Mistress session with Mme. Sade as the Mistress of Ceremonies for my greatest gangbang. I wanted to have a half dozen Mistresses so we scheduled it on a Friday at 6:00 PM so that the we could start with the first shift Mistresses and finish with the second shift. Mistress Varla agreed to come in… Read More