Mme Sade By The Numbers, 233, 20, 114

Having read some recent posts here, Mme. Sade dared me to try to break my record of 64 prostate orgasms. I decided that would be a great session so I called to make an appointment. Mistress Sashaka answered and asked what kind of session. I told her I wanted to break the record. M. Sashaka new exactly what I meant and scheduled the appointment…. Read More

A Knockout

I must write to sing the praises of Mme. Sade- I submitted to a boxing beatdown at her hands recently (largely choreographed but not entirely fantasy). We were both clad in short sexy satin boxing shorts, and boxing gloves (she had pink and white gloves!) Her boxing moves are excellent and had she really let go, there is no doubt she could have actually… Read More

Becoming Mme Sade’s Slave

In our world of BDSM we play with symbols, strong magic for us mere mortals. These symbols are complex, they may be acts, fetishes, words or scenes, but they are laden with many meanings; they touch us physically, mentally in our conscious and unconscious minds and spiritually. I now realize that much of the “playing” i do is an active exploration of my self… Read More