Best Strap On Session Ever

I certainly had a sore ass for a couple days afterwards (but in a pleasant, and very kinky way when sitting down at a dull business meeting the next day, shifting around in my seat) I had emailed Mistress Sade a few days prior to the session, mainly after reading some of her enthusiastic and intelligently written posts on the chat boards (particularly with… Read More

A Session At The Feet of A Perfect 11 Out of 10

I would have to start by saying that I’m a true foot fetishist I have been worshiping women feet for as long as I can remember, every country I travel to that is the first thing I look for and I thought that I have seen it all and I have touched, messaged, worshiped all kind of women feet until I met and I… Read More

Butterfly Boarding

Sad(e)istic Science – a butterfly emerges from its cocoon and is pinned to a board. As I look at the stellar photos that HMS took of my most recent birthday celebration, I cannot help reliving it in my mind. First, was the offering. I arranged to see her on my birthday to celebrate with play. She suggested needles, her newest fetish being artistic needle… Read More

A Priestess Gives Herself To A Goddess

I have been seeing Headmistress Sade for almost 5 years. She has taken me to many new heights in my own personal journey. Notable was the day, May 25th, 2007, that she gave me my first (few dozen) prostate orgasms. Since then I have had many hundreds. Over the years I have also come to trust her implicitly – her skill, her sensitivity, her… Read More

I’d Pull Myself Up To Fuck Myself Cowgirl

From my Fuck Me Sideways With A Spoon experience, and the Review-A Priestess Gives Herself To A Goddess– I had my little TS princess write for me her perspective (perhaps we could call it a review) on our first experience with each other. We’ve had a few more since last Tuesday that are equally as memorable (the video we shot together on Friday for… Read More

The Sadist Bride & The Cucky Hubby

From my long time cuckold, the story of how our eight year role play of him as my cucky hubby began. …… And finally it was Friday. I was so nervous because had made an appointment for a session with Mistress Sade and will not only have my first strap on session, but also play something I dearly wanted to do for a long… Read More

Headmistress Sade’s Training Dummy For Soren

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be the training dummy when Mme. Sade taught Miss Soren anal play. A training session is slightly different from a regular session, the focus is on the training and your pleasure, while not ignored (and certainly not this time) is of secondary importance to going through all of the details of the techniques to be used. However, any… Read More

I’ve Been SADE Emized

Had my second session with the lovely Mme Sade last week. She was looking hotter than ever. Tall. Beautiful. Confident. Completely in control. I was her sleazy boss whom she had caught looking through a peephole into the ladies’ rest room to get my jollies. She gave me two options. She would report me to the company brass and the authorities, charge me with… Read More

Beautiful Sadist

Mme Sade gave me one of the best sessions I ever had. I like strap-on play, so, several months ago, when I read about her session with mcjock (My Poor Bruised Pubic Bone), I took notice. Mme Sade described how she gave him the hardest, fastest thrusts she could hand out. mcjock responded by saying that it was the best strap-on session he ever… Read More

The Gang Bangs All Here Review

A few weeks ago I scheduled a special multi- Mistress session with Mme. Sade as the Mistress of Ceremonies for my greatest gangbang. I wanted to have a half dozen Mistresses so we scheduled it on a Friday at 6:00 PM so that the we could start with the first shift Mistresses and finish with the second shift. Mistress Varla agreed to come in… Read More

Sade, Queen Of All She Surveys

Was it a “grudge match”? A re-match between a seasoned masochist and the pre-eminent dungeon Mistress in New York? Foolish me for even thinking those thoughts. Sade, as always and as befits a former model, was breathtakingly beautiful, in skin-tight, form-fitting black, accentuating her blonde hair, calm wide eyed gaze and red lips framing a wide–unwelcoming but very knowing–smile. A smile that said she… Read More

Mme Sade, The Ultimate Sadist Review

Ok i just need to get this of my chest. since im not a good writer, i wont go into details. but ill tell yall this. i got beat like never before. now when i session with other Dommes, and they hear me scream to much, they tone it down, but not Sade! when she decides she wants to beat someone merciless, nothing will… Read More

Sade & Anais, Anal AssAssins

I am a slut. I admit it openly without hesitation. There is nothing I enjoy more than tease & denial followed by a good anal workout. After hearing about and then seeing (RatureVision) Ms. Sade’s strap-on prowess I had to find out for myself. So, I booked an hour with Mme. Sade at Rapture. We pm’ed before the session, so she really knew my… Read More

Mme Sade And The Footguy, NYC

i just had an awesome session with Mme Sade. i fell in love with Mme Sade from Her pictures and posts and previously i saw her briefly as she ushered me to a session with another Domme. when She walked into the room for our session it looked like the Playboy Playmate of the Year had arrived to place her fragrant stocking toes on… Read More

Return Engagement With Sade

In September, I had a great first session with Mme Sade. On reflection, the session resonated with me and I ended up returning to her sooner than I had planned. In our second time together, the beautiful Sade struck the right balance between striking on the outside of my rear end with her weapons of punishment, and then striking inside my rear end with… Read More

Mme Sade, Simply Electrifying

She walked in the room and I knew I was in trouble. With her black mask she looked like a young Sharon Stone in a nurse’s outfit crossed with Darth Vader – erotic, yet ominous. She told me the scene would involve electrical and then blindfolded me. That alone was enough to unnerve me. Then she put nipple clips on me and I didn’t… Read More

Mme Sade Goes 64 For 64 Forced Orgasms

I was walking around Soho today and stopped in Babeland and picked up a couple of new toys and a really thick silicone dildo. So naturally I thought of Mme Sade. I called and made a mid afternoon appt. When I arrived Mistress Brooke showed me into the reception room to wait a few minutes. I asked if she wanted the photos I had… Read More

Mme Sade By The Numbers, 233, 20, 114

Having read some recent posts here, Mme. Sade dared me to try to break my record of 64 prostate orgasms. I decided that would be a great session so I called to make an appointment. Mistress Sashaka answered and asked what kind of session. I told her I wanted to break the record. M. Sashaka new exactly what I meant and scheduled the appointment…. Read More

A Knockout

I must write to sing the praises of Mme. Sade- I submitted to a boxing beatdown at her hands recently (largely choreographed but not entirely fantasy). We were both clad in short sexy satin boxing shorts, and boxing gloves (she had pink and white gloves!) Her boxing moves are excellent and had she really let go, there is no doubt she could have actually… Read More

Becoming Mme Sade’s Slave

In our world of BDSM we play with symbols, strong magic for us mere mortals. These symbols are complex, they may be acts, fetishes, words or scenes, but they are laden with many meanings; they touch us physically, mentally in our conscious and unconscious minds and spiritually. I now realize that much of the “playing” i do is an active exploration of my self… Read More