A Session At The Feet of A Perfect 11 Out of 10


I would have to start by saying that I’m a true foot fetishist I have been worshiping women feet for as long as I can remember, every country I travel to that is the first thing I look for and I thought that I have seen it all and I have touched, messaged, worshiped all kind of women feet until I met and I had the honor of worshiping Mistress Sade.

I remember the minute she allowed me to take off her high heels and I saw her toes as they are coming out of her shoes I was extremely amazed of how perfect, beautiful, and sexy her feet they blew my mind a way simply more than what a foot fetishist can handle it was literary as her feet on a completely different level than any feet I have even seen before, they make you want spend the whole time to just look at them and appreciate their perfection you will never get tired.


No matter how much I will describe them you can’t possibly be prepared to serve Mistress Sade’s feet.  The mouth-watering long toes, the magnificent high arches, the slender elegant shape, the dark “well-pedicured ” toe nails that perfectly matches her skin color , the enticing  scent of her soles, and what tops it all is how soft are her feet feels against your face I have never experienced anything like it.

I have been visiting New York city for the past 7 years and I was always searching for the perfect feet I now can say that I found them you can’t get more perfection that Mistress Sade impeccable size 10 feet — simply they will give you a glimpse of heaven.

Thank you mistress for giving me the honor of worshiping your feet.