Mistress Sade’s Exquisite Feet

I feel I must begin this post by acknowledging how lucky & privileged I feel to have served the exquisite Mistress Sade’s feet as many times as I did over many months. Mistress Sade, it is hard to thank you for the honor, whether in words or in deed. One decision I cherish having taken in life is to train to serve professional pedicures. This has given me the chance over the years to serve a very wide range of feet, from ballerinas’ to models’, let alone the range of size, shape, age, skin texture & tone. Being the foot fetishist I am as well, I have been to quite a few foot parties. Why am I mentioning this? Hopefully it will give some weight to my statement that Mistress Sade’s feet are ones of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest, pair of feet I can ever remember, truly flawless. When I think of how a pair of perfect feet would look & feel like, the one image that takes over my mind is Mistress Sade’s.

I can hardly remember a pair of feet nearly as smooth as hers. Her skin is so nicely & richly nourished. Every time I get ready to use the foot file I realize she hardly has a single cell of dead skin on her heels, balls of her feet, or toes. All there is silk smooth vibrant skin. Amazing!! The tone of her feet is so perfect, a lovely mild tan on an otherwise pearl skin, a feast for the eyes!! Mistress Sade’s superior feet are a perfect size 10, and her arches are so nicely curved, that the fit of her feet onto the face of any lucky slave would be so perfect, so engulfing, so mesmerizing, so powerful, so suffocating. Any face would be in heaven to be smothered by her silky smooth soles I know I can never forget those lucky moments she stood on my face and laughed at my joyful pain Thank you, Mistress Sade.

Mistress Sade’s toes are beautifully long, enough to honor any red-blooded foot servant who dreams of sucking the perfect toes. Whenever she decided to take pleasure in having her toes individually sucked & tended to, she simply pushed them between my eager & hungry lips one at a time. I couldn’t suck enough, never enough time, never enough pressure, never enough motion. Nothing is enough for the amazing foot goddess As for those times she wanted to reward her foot slave with more pressure, she teasingly but firmly pushed all of them into my overwhelmed mouth at once! Wow!! My Goddess, I wanted to die & go to heaven right then. Yes, I was suffocating, but I was already in heaven

Whenever I have the privilege of massaging Mistress Sade’s feet, I can’t stop wishing I was a drop of the lotion I use, mango coco-butter, which she seems to like I can only imagine how amazing it would be to flow between her silky heels to the soft seems on her sole, on between her amazing long sexy toes. Aaahh!! I am just about to explode in excitement!! I look up at her to see if she caught any expression of excitement on my face, or a spark in my eyes. I see an amazingly intimidating beauty looking me in the eye & smiling subtly, as though she was reading my every thought. Wow!! My brain freezes in its tracks right then, even though my hands continue their rite of worship to the lovely feet. “Uh .. Oh .. Ah .. G-G-Goddess pleased?” I stutter. “Yes, You may continue”, she commands. My brain slowly recovers …

When it comes to polishing Mistress Sade’s toenails, her preferred color is Vamp Red (yes, as in Vampire), a lightly darker than average, yet rich blood-red. What can I say? I am as nervous applying the polish on her toenails as I am at any stage of my service, certainly including having filed her toenails into perfection Yet, I know I must be utterly careful if I were to avoid the punishment for an imperfect job. Yes, I make it my mission in life to make sure all is simply perfect My ultimate reward is a happy Mistress Sade. How she chooses to manifest her satisfaction is simply her decision. Needless to say, I am in heaven every time she pushes her perfect feet into my face or commands me to do anything to worship them.

My Goddess Sade, it is such an honor to have served your feet, and to continue serving them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Any slave would be in heaven to worship those feet, or to get stomped & trampled by them.

-Toenail Charm


Mistress Sade On St. Patricks Day

I was recently back in NYC and had the pleasure of serving Mistress Sade on Saint Patrick’s Day. I’ve only had a few other sessions and had never been to Rapture before. I read many great reviews on Mistress Sade, and she did not disappoint. Mistress Sade was amazing. I also most note that amazingly, her pictures do not do her justice. Mistress Sade’s pictures are beautiful and sexy. In person, she is drop-dead gorgeous.

I was there for a humiliation session. I got that and more. In my pre-session form I had also mentioned that I had done some strap-on worship and training, but had not done much anal penetration. First, Sade had me do a sexy strip tease for her. I did not realize how embarrassing that could be. I think it is less embarrassing to be waiting naked for her rather than strip for her.

It did not take long for Mistress Sade to put on a big black strap-on. By the way, she seemed very comfortable wearing it. While on my knees, she had me put a condom on her strap-on only using my mouth. When I first started sucking, I was doing a rather poor job. I was trying to get the condom to the base of her strap-on. And, needless to say, I did quite a bit of gagging. However, that’s all I was doing. This was not satisfactory for Mistress Sade. She made me treat her strap-on like a real dick, forcing me to use my hands and play with the head and shaft with my tongue. I was a fast learner. She basically made me her bitch.

Next she had me on my back with my ass exposed. She wanted to work on my ass to release my inner slut. My ass is very tight, as I was struggling with one finger at first. She loosed me up and got at least two, maybe more inside me. After she got them inside me and I loosed up some she rammed them in and out of me as hard and fast as she could. All I could do was lay there and take it like a slut.

At the end of the session, Mistress Sade had four other mistresses enter. They were wearing street clothes (note: it was rather late. I’m guessing I was the last session of the night). I was lying on my back as Mistress Sade was aggressively exploring my ass again. They were circled around me watching. They all took turns spitting on my dick as I jerked myself for their entertainment. One spit even in my mouth. With Mistress Sade’s permission, I finished up. Mistress Sade wiped my spunk onto my face and lips. Shortly afterwards, the other mistresses left the room. I will admit, that last part did catch me off guard.

Overall, Mistress Sade rocks! I realize I am not the most experienced submissive out there. Ok, I’m very, very far from it, but I am certain that regardless of your level of expertise, Mistress Sade can and will deliver. I highly recommend Mistress Sade.



Mistress Sade NYC WOW!

I visited NYC the other day to session with Mistress Sade, and what a session! I thought best to share with the community what an amazing time I had and more importantly what an amazingly skilled domme Mistress Sade is.

The session was so varied it was unbelievable taking me to such highs that for hours after I was still buzzing and ‘coming down’, now I’ve seen Mistress Sade many times and every time our sessions get better and better but this time it was a totally new level, it started with nipple torture and me having to grad hefty weights around the room using just the chain connected to my nipples and in return I would be granted a reward, at first I was chained to a very heavy weight that I could not even move, however the reward a kiss on Mistress Sade’s lips! For which I tried my best over and over just to have the nipple clamps snap off causing me massive amounts of pain, to the laughter of Mistress, put them back on she commanded, so I could try again, when it was obvious that I could not even move the weight, a smaller one was put on my chain, the reward this time was to lick clean Mistress filthy feet, the thought of this made me so wet and dribble through the chastity device Mistress had fitted to my poor cock, but this time I managed with pain to drag the weight to her feet, where I would be rewarded by licking all the dirt off her feet, however before that she had noticed my trail I had left like a male slug and I was ordered to lick it all up, again dragging the weight back in order to clean up my mess, finally I was at her feet on my back, nipple clamps and chain pulling tight as I licked, kissed and cleaned her beautiful feet. Oh what heaven, it is to clean such perfect feet staring up into her eyes, not for long though as she started to use he talented feet to kick the nipple clamps and even pinch my nipples causing me even more pain, which just made me more adamant to clean her feet I licked and licked to take my mind off the pain, such joy!

Once I had cleaned Mistresses feet I was ordered on my knees ass in the air, as I was soon being toe-fucked! Wow what a feeling as Mistress sank her beautiful big toe deep into my ass, I rode it with sheer joy, she pumped in and out, I pushed back and forward, nipple clamps still attached I was in sheer pain and totally ecstasy.

I was then ordered to remove the condom from Mistress Sade’s toe and lick her toes clean, I did so with such adoration as there is nothing better in the World then tending to Mistress Sade’s feet.

I was next cuffed standing arms above me and spread eagle, all sorts of electrical devices were connected to my cock and balls, while Mistress took up a position behind me, in fact so close I could feel her entire lycra-clad perfect body, damn she was looking so good today, so sexy, so tight, so tall, her beautiful hair, her smell, her sadistic smile, her high heels, and her ever so beautiful slender hands, with long fingers the givers of such pain and pleasure….

Mistress Sade stuffed in my mouth some of her worn knickers that she said she had been wearing all day, she mad sure the damp crutch was on my tongue, damn-it I could taste her and to this day I get instant arousal just thinking of that part of our session, pulling on my now ever so painful nipples she switched on the electricity, no I know this is quite a nice feeling and one can cum from it as the setting ‘P2′ is like you’re being masturbated! Needless to say I was ordered not to cum, Mistress then continued to lick my ears, pull on my nipples, turn up the level and the rhythm, she was sitting right behind me making almost full body contact, I was so fucking close to cumming, the tease and denial went on for what seemed like hours, I was so close but did not cum, I was so ‘high’ or in sub-space that I was more spaced out then Neil Armstrong ever was!

I was eventually let down, falling to the floor a wreck, she commanded me to my feet, and announced that I would now be beaten on many parts of my body 43 times!

Using a split cane type device with 5-6 smaller canes she started with my finger-tips, beating me to the floor on several occasions, after I counted to 43 (still with her beautiful knickers in my mouth), she then administered 43 to my palms, she moved onto my back, again knocking me to the floor in such agony however knowing that I did not have the choice of stopping this only The Sadist did I would stand up and take more, she then moved to my ass, then my nipples/chest fuck did the hurt the worst, well that was until she came to my cock, my thighs were next, then my feet, at the end of this I was a wreck laying at her feet kissing them, that little bit of compassion made me feel better and that what had just happened worth every kiss I gave to her feet, Mistress continued to beat my ass which by now was so sore but the kissing helped, wow what a time!

But it was not over as I was honoured to receive a golden from Mistress as a reward for standing up and taking more, I was ordered to lay on my back while she placed a funnel in my mouth I was told to close my eyes and to masturbate, I was so fucking excited as I lay there my back and ass hurt on the rough floor from the punishment I had just taken which added to my excitement, I waited and all of a sudden my mouth was full, I was swallowing as quick as I can as I did not want to waste a drop, what a beautiful taste, and the lowly feeling drinking piss gives me, I truly was her slave being teased, pushed to my limit, whipped without mercy, worshiping her body, now being pissed not on but in, Mistress Sade is such a powerful being and someone to be worshiped, not only is she so beautiful she is so skilled at tormenting and rewarding her subjects it is like heaven to session with her.

After she had finished she stepped to my side and said you’ve 10 seconds to cum, 10, 9, 8, 7, I was pumping away and very close, 6, 5, 4, may I cum I said almost dropping the funnel, yes she replied, I came like never before the cum hitting my face, I screamed like a baby, after I was done and spent I was ordered to lick up all my cum, which I quickly did, I was then allowed to lay at Mistresses feet for a while, she placed her feet on me just staring down at me with that look of superiority and satisfaction, yes I was truly her slave.

I must finally add that; I have been Mistress Sade’s slave for a little over a year now but have been sessioning with her exclusively now for 16 months, actually from Sep 1st 2006 noon (but who’s counting)

I have never written a review but felt it time to tell the World about this most talented, wonderful and special person and dominatrix, especially after my last visit / session, I do hope you all enjoyed it, but not as much as I did

Mistress Sade is not called ‘The Sadist’ for fun, she really is a Sadist, but she also has such compassion that is rarely found in other folks, allowing her to be the most loving Sadist on the Planet, she can be your worst nightmare with no feelings and also the kindest most caring Mistress of them all, she really cares, making for an unbelievable session, fantasy or whatever you want to call it, and is that not what we session for?

I have heard it said that her nickname and her sometimes stern-look can scare subs away from calling or booking a session with her, what I say to that is; you’re missing out on seeing one of the Worlds finest dommes, as she is skilled in many areas, some being (my favourites) electrical play, foot, leg and body worship, cupping, CBT, nipple torture, strap-on, I have to say that again as Mistress Sade is the foremost leader in STRAP-ON, including milking the prostrate, she will make you cum over and over like a girl, your eyes will roll back in your head as you moan in total pleasure as you cum and cum again and again. Some more of her unrivalled skills are corporal punishment, branding, suffocation, she stands 5′ 10″ bear feet, so in heels she towers above us poor subs and slaves, as we quiver in her sheer presence, knowing that soon we will become hers to do with as she sees fit.

Sessioning with her is unbelievable and I whole heartedly recommend people in the scene to put their nerves aside and book a session with Mistress Sade, I live in London UK as such I have the London scene, the Berlin scene, the Amsterdam scene, and I can tell you that no one I’ve found in any of these World class scenes comes even close to the skills, and session times I’ve had with Mistress Sade and that is the reason I travel 7,000 miles to session.

If anyone would like more advise or a general chat please feel free to PM me.

Thank you so very much Mistress Sade, you really are an unbelievable beautiful and talented Mistress.
You know that I will be back.



I’ve Been SADE Emized

Had my second session with the lovely Mme Sade last week. She was looking hotter than ever. Tall. Beautiful. Confident. Completely in control.

I was her sleazy boss whom she had caught looking through a peephole into the ladies’ rest room to get my jollies. She gave me two options. She would report me to the company brass and the authorities, charge me with sexual harassment and virtually ruin my life, or she could show me the error of my ways and rehabilitate me. Figuring unemployment and financial ruin were not viable options, I opted for the rehab.

My training began with being ordered to strip. I protested but to no avail. A half-minute later I was standing completely naked for her inspection. She circled me like a vulture getting ready to pounce on its prey. She then stood right in front of me, looked me square in the eye, with one hand pulled my hair making my head snap backward and with the other hand put a vice-like grip on my balls, telling me that she now owned me and I was going to pay for my transgressions.

Before I knew it I was over her knee getting the spanking of my life. Damn, can that lady hit hard! After about 40-50 swats from her powerful hands, my ass was on fire. That was followed by some more squeezing of my balls, then another 30 or so swats with a leather paddle. By this time I was begging for mercy and promising that I would mend my ways.

She next ordered me to my feet. I told her that I thought I had taken enough punishment and humiliation, and that I had repaid the debt. She responded with a couple of crisp smacks to my hard cock and told me that she was just getting warmed up. I was then directed to her “work bench” which had a large cushion sitting on it. I was made to kneel on the bench and drape myself over the cushion. My wrists were then shackled to the sides of the bench so that I couldn’t move, leaving me in the extremely compromising head down, ass up position, perfect for Mme Sade’s next torture. She positioned a mirror so that I could see what was about to happen to me next, then moved behind me and gave my ass another hard smack and my balls a good hard tug. I watched in horror in the mirror as she stepped into a good sized black strap-on, and couldn’t help but notice the devilish smile on her face. My pleas of repentance were ridiculed as I felt first the cool lube being smeared on my hole, followed by the insertion of one finger, then two and finally a third. No amount of begging on my part could stop her from positioning herself behind me, grabbing my hips, and ramming that dildo into my ass. Starting out slowly at first, then picking up the tempo, each stroke seemed to go in deeper, as she reached forward and pulled on my hair for more leverage. The pounding continued for several minutes and I could see in the mirror that she was enjoying every minute of it. There was no question that I had become her slut.

Finally, she told me that since I had been spying on all of the ladies in the office, it wouldn’t be fair of her to keep the fun all to herself, so she invited Mme Rouge and Mistress Bane to come in and watch. Mme Sade then went back to pounding my ass, and Mme Rouge and Ms. Bane were delighted to see their creepy “boss” naked and being totally humiliated. Mme Rouge joined in with a few hard smacks to my ass while Ms. Bane pulled my head up by the hair to make sure that I was watching all the fun in the mirror.

When the three ladies decided that my ass had take enough of a fucking for now, they released me from the shackles and ordered me to my feet. But they still weren’t finished with me. They decided that I needed to have the “sleaze” washed off of me so they marched me to the shower and ordered me to sit in it. Mme Sade ordered me to play with myself and Mme Rouge decided to provide the lubricant. She removed her panties, stood over me and doused my cock with her golden juices as I stroked it. To make sure that I had enough lube to finish the job, the three ladies stood over me and took turns spitting on my cock.

By the time the session ended I was totally exhausted. Mme Sade is awesome, erotic and sensual, not to mention beautiful. She’s the Michelangelo of Domination and the Shakespeare of Strap-on. She doesn’t play at being dominant, she is by nature and you can sense it the minute you meet her. If you have a chance to session with her, do it. You won’t regret it.



Beautiful Sadist

Mme Sade gave me one of the best sessions I ever had.

I like strap-on play, so, several months ago, when I read about her session with mcjock (My Poor Bruised Pubic Bone), I took notice. Mme Sade described how she gave him the hardest, fastest thrusts she could hand out. mcjock responded by saying that it was the best strap-on session he ever had. These words stayed in my mind. Several months later, I pm’d mc. In private, he told me the same thing he said in public, that it was the best strap-on session he’d ever had. He added that, all these months later, he felt just as good about the whole session, and hoped to return to Mme Sade when he returned to New York (he gave me permission to repeat his words). Based on this, and on her many perceptive posts here on Max, I went to see Mme Sade.

In an e-mail to her, I requested a strap-on session. I told her didn’t want to bruise her pubic bone too badly, and suggested that she start me out with a beating and then alternate ten minute strap-on segments with other fun activities.

Mme Sade started me out with nipple torture, spanking and caning. She advertises herself as “incredibly strong” and, despite her rail-thin figure, she isn’t kidding. She put me on all fours and caned me hard and sadistically. She exerted a true dominance that made me want to take everything she could dish out. I didn’t dare ask for mercy. She beat me furiously until I collapsed to the floor. She gave me more than I could take, and she made me grateful for it.

The beautiful Sade bills herself as “The Sadist” and she isn’t kidding. With her nipple torture and corporal punishment, she reduced me to a whimpering, incoherent mass of flesh. Then she put her strap-onto me. She took me as authoritatively as she caned me. She pounded into me with hard, fast thrusts until I whimpered and moaned, and struggled against her physical and mental power. I felt totally possessed.

In my e-mail to her, I asked Mme Sade to alternate strap-on segments with other more low-key activities, such as putting me on my back and smothering me, or making me kneel and kiss her feet. Instead, after introducing me to her strap-on technique, she again made me assume a position on all fours and again caned me mercilessly until I collapsed under her blows. As I lay on the floor, she looked down on me and impatiently told me to get up.

Mme Sade also surprised me by swatting my rear end and my three piece set with a bug zapper. When she swatted the latter, I fell to the floor (again). Then she told me to offer my penis to her by touching it to the bug zapper. I had not asked for the zapper, and I certainly had never fantasized about this, but, at this point in the proceedings, I was so under her spell that I could not refuse her. With great trepidation, I offered my penis as a sacrifice upon her altar. I willingly touched my by-now-sore member to the bug zapper, and promptly fell to the floor in pain, yet again. My main thought was that I hoped my suffering made her happy. The next thing I knew, she was pounding the strap-on into me again.

After the session, I read Sade’s post “Creative Sadism”, where she says that she like to make her slave touch his cock and balls to her electrified paddle. I’m glad I gave my member to her this way and I’m sorry I didn’t have the presence of mind to offer my balls also. Oh well, now I know what I’m in for when next I see her.

Mme Sade advertises herself as a Sadist who will make you pant and scream, and she isn’t kidding. She made me moan and cry out involuntarily when she tortured and caned me. Then when she put the strap-on to me, she made me moan and struggle against her considerable power. When she was done with me, she left me physically debilitated and panting breathlessly, as promised.

Mme Sade has written a lot here on Max lately and, in our time together, she made good on all the claims she has made in her writings. I really respect her for this! As she worked on me, I wondered how such a thin, fresh-faced young woman exert such dominance and sadism. The other Dommes I have seen have tended to be in their mid-thirties, at least ten years older than her, but she is approaching the best of them in terms of her stunning capabilities. She has the potential to be one of the very best Dommes in New York.

The beautiful Sade gave me one of the best sessions I ever had. I give her an A plus for technique and an A plus for effort. If you think you might like a session with her, I strongly recommend that you e-mail her to determine if your interests are compatible with hers. Compatibility is subjective and only you can decide if she is right for you. If your correspondence with her encourages you, and you submit to her, you will no doubt join at least two of us in saying that she gave you one of the best sessions you ever had.

Respectfully submitted,


The Half Minute Man

He asked for spitting, nipple teasing, golden showers, humiliation and degradation. His only real hard limit was marks, but he wasn’t overly helpful in narrowing down the list of infinity. The “interrogation” of this not so helpful man certainly added to my ability to tease and humiliate. My kudos to him for unknowingly giving me so much material. You certainly made it easy.

The first thing I said to him was “Do you consume?”

Somehow he looked unfazed and excited at the same time, wrinkling his brow and shrugging his shoulders.

“I have before” he replied.

“Well you’re in luck. I have to pee. Do you want it?” I taunted, reaching for his nipples and softly running my nails over their soft flesh. I could tell he was either new, or hadn’t had much nipple torture because they were so soft. Like gummy pencil erasers.

More taunting and demands for begging followed. This boy had many right answers. 30 years in the scene, so I knew he couldn’t take much torture. Not disheartening for even a moment.

He winced when I pinched him lightly, and his eyelids fluttered, eyes rolling when I softly traced circles over and across his nipples.

“Are you thirsty?” I cooed.

“Oh, yes Ma’am!” came his soft but earnest reply.

“Lucky, lucky boy. Getting such treats when you’ve earned nothing. Does it excite you more to know that only those hit with blind luck get to taste of me?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” he whispered.

I pushed him down on the floor, laying out the rules for him.

“You’re breath stinks. I believe your mouth will smell better once your tongue is laced with my piss. You will keep your eyes shut. I am not here for your viewing pleasure. You will not open your eyes again until I have bid you to do so. You will not breathe on my crotch as I do not find it natural to piss when I’m being breathed on. You will drink everything and miss nothing. Understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“Shut your eyes.”

I enjoyed the fact that he didn’t scrunch them shut. Just gently closed his lids. He lay still as stone as I slid off my panties. He had learned better in this decades of obedience than to do anything but what he was told.

I stepped over him, straddling his face and standing tall above him. I could imagine what excitement would lay in his wide eyes had they been open. I spied my black patent leather heels, musing to myself to be sure of my aim so as not to splash them and grateful of the fact that they were easily cleaned if I did. I crouched lower, feeling the ache in my bladder and that distinct tingle that tells you you could pee at any moment. I felt his breath.

“Stop breathing.” I commanded, standing up again.

His breath cut short. Mouth wide, eyes shut, hair thinning, fat tongue at the back of his throat. I tweaked his nipples, crouching low again, certain that he could smell and taste me ever so slightly. Just a hint to drive the primal man in him wild. I felt his breath.

“Stop breathing.” I said again, staying crouched. I couldn’t help but think of spraying up his wide nostrils. No point in choking him, I reasoned. He’d cough it up on me and who wants that?

One tiny drop hit my ankle as I rained down on him. My stream landing perfectly on the inside of his left cheek and then centering down his gullet. Daring not to miss a drop he swallowed countless times. I wouldn’t dream of making it easy on him and was impressed only the driest of streams found it’s way out the corner of his mouth to rest in his left ear. By the time I began to run dry he was desperate to breathe. His eyelids never fluttered.

I stuffed my toilet paper into his mouth and stood off him, slipped my panties back on, and never worried for a second that he’d open his eyes too soon.

I stood over him again as before. Watching him waiting patiently before daring to move.

“You can open. Don’t worry, there’s none on your face or in your eyes.” I assured him.

Carefully he opened his eyes to find it true.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” He mumbled several times through the wad in his mouth. He never got to take it out.

“We’re going to do some creative thinking now.” I told him, still standing tall above his small form. “You’re going to sell my piss as if it were a fine perfume. Compare it to flowers and all that is wonderful.” Of course, being a man’s man he had no idea how to do this. Even after a few examples he couldn’t begin to do as much, so I had him list his favorite things. I couldn’t bare to listen to the fantasy novel drivel coming out of his mouth- champagne, nectar, blah blah blah.

“It’s better than strawberries. Better than a good steak. Better than buttered lobster, or a good brandy-”

“Is food all you think about or are you trying to make us both hungry?” I asked wryly as I stood him up and began binding his hands over his head. He gave me a soft chuckle and I found myself irresistibly drawn back to teasing his nipples.

Oh, how he winced with even the slightest touch more than a caress, and oh how he melted with the slightest of caresses.

“You’re driving me crazy.” He said, again and again.”

“I think you’re already crazy.” I whispered back, inches from his face, lavishing in his ecstasy and torment. I didn’t even have to look to know he was hard and dripping.

Back and forth, and back and forth between small pinches and excruciating caresses. I was mesmerized watching his reactions. His shudders. Listening to his sighs and pleas of madness. Time flew far too quickly.

“I want you to see your face.” I said as I moved behind him so we both faced the mirror. Blushing he stared at the floor. “I want to watch you eat your cum.”

“I’d eat anything you asked me to.”

“Careful,” I warned “the last man who said that ended up eating water bugs, crickets, meal worms, grasshoppers, and sauteed scorpions. Would you eat a water bug for me? One as big as the palm of your hand? Crunch, crunch, crunch…”

“I you so wished.” He replied, looking slightly nervous and slightly unfazed.

“Lucky for you I’m all out, but I’m sure you’ve found I take promises literally.”

I freed his hands from above him. Standing behind him I teased his nipples, watching him in the mirror, and whispering in his ear about drinking floods from Brooke and myself. Less than a minute passed before he was shuddering and bending over, cumming into his cupped hand.

“You made me a promise.” I said.

“What?” he asked, still dazed and in the middle of his enjoyment.

“You made me a promise.” I said again.

Remembering his promise he gazed down at the thick white cupped in his wrinkled palm. Pausing for just a moment before quickly shoveling his cum into his mouth.

“Such a good boy. Now you’ve earned my shower.” I beamed. “You’ve missed a few drops. Lick it up.”

Without a thought he was on the floor, slurping up every dribble we could find.

“You were a pleasure.” I told him, softly ruffling his hair. “Shower?”

Saturday, March 18, 2006