Butterfly Boarding

Sad(e)istic Science – a butterfly emerges from its cocoon and is pinned to a board.

As I look at the stellar photos that HMS took of my most recent birthday celebration, I cannot help reliving it in my mind.

First, was the offering. I arranged to see her on my birthday to celebrate with play. She suggested needles, her newest fetish being artistic needle play. Instead of our usual hunt for higher numbers, I offered up my body for what is probably the most extreme type of cbt needle play. In thinking through the design implied by this play I am reminded of Raymond Loewy, probably the greatest industrial designer of the 20th Century, who said – “It all starts with an inspired, spontaneous idea.” My offer was spontaneous, but I depended upon her inspiration.

Co-operative sub that I am I then bought the foam-core and cut out the hole. Working very precisely, using a ruler, compass and Xacto knife, I cut a two inch round hole in the 3/16 inch thick foam-core board. She brought the weapons – a large supply of 20-25 guage needles in a variety of different colored needle hubs, and her camera to record the result.

Before the session I first showered with Technicare to start the anti-septic prep. She then bound me to the new rack. Taking more TechniCare she first scrubbed the area then pulled my genitals through the hole in the board. The buttefly was pulled through the cocoon of the hole and emerged into the world. NOW, that is the definition of an offering – her own little toy butterfly presented on a white platter.

Time to glove up and begin. She started the piercings and as they continued it was clear she was going for something different. First my balls were spread and tacked to the board ins several places. Now that the wings were splayed around and against the board, it was time to pin the body. The base of my cock pinned to it. Next the head, right through the side of the frenulum on bothe sides. Next the skin all around was stretched and pinned to the board. The design was followed in the sequence of colors of the hubs. In the photos you can see the stretching of the skin and the tension of the design.

Now it was time for filling in the design. First adding needles to the front of the penis right through the frenulum, several needles closely placed together and from each side. Completing the picture she added the flower/asterisk onto the balls.

Then came the excruciating details. “I want to pin your (pee)hole open.” (No reply on my part – just silent assent.) I felt the slow pushing of the needles pierce through the head on either side of the meatus (and screeched a bit with each). Even now I can only imagine the sense of power, and pure sadistic pleasure she must have felt. Slowly pushing the needle through that most sensitive part of this male’s most precious and sensitive organ. I ponder the elastic resistance that the tissue and skin gave as she pierced through, then the sound of the crunch as the needle continued on into the foam of the board. It must have been delicious. My conscious and sensient submission to it was delicious as well.

Once she had pinned both sides of the meatus apart she said, “I want to stick one right down the middle of that hole.”
[Pause] “Ok, why not make that the piece de resistence, at the end?”

It was now time to document the design with a whole series of photos. Shot with three different camera’s her Canon, my Nikon and finally her point and shoot.

Now time for the finale. Popping the top of a 20 guage needel she leaned over the board and focused her attention. Slowly she pushed the needle into and through the center of my urethra, continuing the steady pressure as it slid through and out the head of the corona. Absolutely excruciating.

I can only imagine what was going through her mind as she carefully located the tip of the needle in the very center of the hole. She then had to align the angle of the needle. Finally she began the steady push through that most sensitive of flesh. Every part of the process and every resistance felt through the shaft f the needle as she pushed through had to be a sadist’s (and this masochist’s) dream.

More photos were taken to document this final injury.

Now time to remove the needles. Using the point and shoot I photographed her as she pulled them out. Finally, in honor of another birthday celebrated together she inserted a birthday candle and lit it.

Happy Birthday.