Sade, Queen Of All She Surveys

Was it a “grudge match”? A re-match between a seasoned masochist and the pre-eminent dungeon Mistress in New York? Foolish me for even thinking those thoughts.

Sade, as always and as befits a former model, was breathtakingly beautiful, in skin-tight, form-fitting black, accentuating her blonde hair, calm wide eyed gaze and red lips framing a wide–unwelcoming but very knowing–smile. A smile that said she knew what was going to happen next and that you didn’t have the faintest idea. I was naked hung by the wrists from an overhead pulley, heavy metal ankle-irons cutting into my feet, weighting me down. Sade walked in singing sweetly yet muted, under her breath: “Pain, glorious pain..that is all we live for..” Quickly hooded, I could not see what she was doing, but sensed her walking around me, like a pantheress assessing where to strike a tethered goat. She continued to sing the song: “Pain, glorious pain..that is all we live for..” She pounced and twisted my nipples viciously and for an amazingly sustained period–5,10 minutes it seemed. I grunted, bellowed, but wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of asking for mercy.
“I will continue to torture you until you sing this song: ‘Pain, glorious pain..that is all we live for..’ Can you sing it?’” I averred that I could and gave a passable demonstration, to the tune of Oliver Twist’s “Food, Glorious Food!”

With that, the session began in earnest. She tightly bound my penis and testicles in a twine corset, engorging and restraining me, the pressure so intense on my testicles that slight waves of nausea would sweep over me.

She twisted my nipples, again and again and again, seemingly out of the sheer joy that it caused her to see that a man could be attacked through them.

She stopped and then brought out what I was to discover only after the session, when I was broken in a pool of sweat, literally drenched slick on the floor of the dungeon, unhooded: an electrified double Wartenberg wheel. Two parallel metal spiked Wartenberg wheels, about one inch apart, secured into one handle, a wire from the handle leading into an electric box.

When she touched my penis with the electrified double Wartenbery wheels, the effect was the most stunning, surprising, –yes, I am consciously leaving out “shocking” and “electrifying”–sensations I have ever felt in my BDSM wanderings. As She pushed the Wartenberg wheels, rolling over various parts of my body–my ass, my inner thighs, my elbow, again and again my penis and testicles, the three separate distinct sensations caused by the double Wartenberg wheel were repeated again, and again, and again. The already sensitized penis and testicles, engorged with blood brought to the surface by the corset, first felt the sharp piercing pricks of the spikes on the double Wartenberg wheels. Then, the initial spiking shock of electricity, seemingly as if each spike of the Wartenberg wheel were white hot. And then–the rebellion of my flesh and muscles, as if my body were turning in on itself–the uncontrollable spasming of muscle and tendons and tissue as the electricity crossed between the two wheels, completing the current, causing involuntary twitching and muscle contractions. As if an electric thread were being strung through my flesh. I screamed and screamed and screamed and She would not stop. Sweat poured off my body, running down from my chest and armpits, down my body, into the crack between my buttocks, down my legs. And still She would not stop.

I don’t remember what I said or promised or compromised myself to get her to stop, but Sade finally did. I was hanging by my wrists, exhausted, drenched in sweat, drained. But the agony wasn’t going to end.

She lowered me to the ground and I sat on the floor, my sweat-soaked buttocks making the floor slick and slippery. She grabbed a chain and attached my leg-irons to the overhead pulley, so that I formed a human V on the floor, my buttocks the bottom part of the “V”, my legs and arms in the air and attached to the pulley by chains, the high parts of the “V” . She sounded light-hearted, almost joyous. I didn’t realize that this meant that She could have full access to the soles of my feet, my anus, perineum, my testicles and cock, as well as knees, elbows, limbs, while she sat cross-legged and comfortable, inches from me. After a some strokes of bastinado with two canes of differing width, to soften up my feet, Sade returned to the double Wartenberg wheel. It was when She used it, lingering on the soles of my feet, that I realized that She was applying the infernal device to assess with a clinical detachment, the third sensation–uncontrollable twitching caused by spasming muscles and tendons. Sade wouldn’t stop until She had assessed the effect on the various parts of my body, totally oblivious to my screams and writhings, as She caused my own body to rebel against me. Again, She ran the wheels across my penis, my buttocks, the perineum, my inner thighs, then my knees, elbows, back to my penis. Again and again and again the same increasing sensations: First, the cold steel of the spikes piercing my flesh. Then, the sensation of the spikes being white hot and piercing my flesh. And then the betrayal of my own flesh as the electric current was completed between the twin wheels, so that the muscles, skin, tendons, were listening, not to the neural controls from my brain, but, the ultimate betrayal, they were spasming and contracting to the instruction of Sade. She spun me around on my ass, the bottom part of the human “V” that I formed, slippery with sweat on my body and now on the floor.

Again, I don’t remember what I said, or how I humiliated myself to end the pain, but I became fully sentient when my wrists were unshackled, but not my ankles, and I was flat on my back. She then humiliated me further with a tormenting breath control exercise. How She relished bringing me to the edge of losing consciousness, always under Her control, my veritable breathing, let alone my muscle control, all under Her control. It ended when I couldn’t take it any more.

Sade is a dedicated sadist. She not only is beautiful, talented, psychologically masterful, She also invests heavily of her time and money, learning and developing the latest BDSM techniques and finding and owning and keeping in pristine condition the most devish devices of BDSM around. Queen of Rapture.