Remembering My Poor Bruised Pubic Bone

Long long ago, in a dungeon in Tribecca, a young girl ceremoniously slid her fist into the rectum of a grown man. Not long after, she would give a young slave named Glenduh a prostate orgasm with her strap on that would leave him quivering. With whip in hand she set out to put her penis envy to rest, but she would soon discover the value of customized equipment.

Here she is on that fateful day…

I had been e-mailing with a lovely gent for a while about an extended strap-on session for close to a week before our scheduled session. The session ended up being such an experience I had to share it for all my fellow strap-on lovers, Mistress or sub.

The sub~ A fair haired, fair skinned European boy who loves large strap-ons.

He arrived at 5:25 with lovely silk pair of sheer black nylons for me, and wearing a matching pair himself. I brought him to the silver room and we reconfirmed everything he was looking for in this particular session. An hour and a half of nothing but strap-on with various sized dildos.
I set out eight dildos raging from the size of two fingers to a hand. I donned my nylons and leather strap-on in an adjoining room and returned to see him exactly as I told him to be. Nude save for the nylons in the center of the room. I must say he looked delicious. Such fair skin with black silk encasing his legs. I gently slid my legs against his so he could feel that delightful tug of the nylons while caressing his oh-so soft chest and perky nipples. I then lead him to the bondage bed and had him kneel over a wedge so he was fully exposed in doggy position but unable to see behind him. I ripped the arse of his hose out and gave him a few swift slaps I just couldn’t resist. When he heard the smack of me donning gloves he started wagging his ass at me in a taunting manner. When I began warming him up I found I could immediately go to four fingers. Looked like I could skip the first three cocks I set out. From that point on it was a mad house! Within ten minutes he had gone up to a pretty impressive size. The next 70 minutes were by far the most fun/exhausting session I had with strap-on. He was taking the hardest fastest thrusts I could hand out! The bed literally was shaking so much that it moved -considerably- across the floor. I love that he was still wearing the nylons as his hair wasn’t long enough to give me a good grip. With the nylons I was able to pull like he had long pig tails! A couple good smacks on the ass and I felt like a frat boy going to town. After a while my knees were hurting from digging them into the bed to prevent myself from sliding backwards (damn silk nylons) so I had him turn over onto his back. This part was great because now I could see his face. His lips were puckered into an O and his breath was almost a whistle. I had him press his feet into the bed posts and lift his pelvis so I could grab his tits and watch his face flush. (I now have a true respect for my lovers of the past who could do this for so long because it is quite exhausting and dehydrating.) Feeling a bit worn, I sat on the bed and instructed him to ride my cock while facing the mirror. Once I had caught my second wind (with 20 minutes still to go) I had him stand with his hands on the throne while I took him from behind again. Unfortunately he could not cum while speared, so I had him lie back on the bed while I smothered his face. I had never seen someone so happy to rip a hole in their pany hose! He didn’t just rip a hole big enough to play with himself but completely ripped out both sides and the center seam intself! I was quite surprised he even had the energy to finish himself but he did so with a gusto! By that point we were both positively dripping with sweat and gobbling down water like we’d been lost in the desert. He showered and thanked me profusely, then gave me a box of Godiva Chocolate Truffles (they didn’t last long. Mmmmm). The second he was gone I swiftly shed my soaked garments, threw them in the sink with soapy water and took a shower myself.
After all that hard core pumping my poor pubic bone was so sore I could hardly sit down in jeans. By this morning I had a bruise (and I don’t bruise easily at all) on my pubic bone and various small bruises on my shins from digging into the bed! I loved the session so much I think of them as a bit of a trophy, but I’ll have to avoid that in the future. Looks like it’s going to be a few days before I can do strap on again
Must devise a way to give myself a false fupa.

~The Sadist


And I did! The lovely gents at The Leatherman have taken great care of me over the last 10 years and have seen to it that my pubic bone can live up to the rigor of my fucking, both at home and at the dungeon. Here’s that first harness they made me, which I’ve have duplicated several times (third generation shown below) but with subtle detailing changes.