Mme Sade, The Ultimate Sadist Review

Ok i just need to get this of my chest. since im not a good writer, i wont go into details. but ill tell yall this. i got beat like never before. now when i session with other Dommes, and they hear me scream to much, they tone it down, but not Sade! when she decides she wants to beat someone merciless, nothing will stop her! she will just continue to beat the crap outa you (while shez smiling…) untill she decides you had enough.. she wont get suprised if you screams your lungs off! now dont yall think she dosent have a heart.. she hold me in her lap when i was crying like a baby.. that, with her model looks, what else could you wish for..? i didnt know what a “sadistic” domme means. untill tonight!