Mme Sade, Simply Electrifying

She walked in the room and I knew I was in trouble. With her black mask she looked like a young Sharon Stone in a nurse’s outfit crossed with Darth Vader – erotic, yet ominous. She told me the scene would involve electrical and then blindfolded me. That alone was enough to unnerve me. Then she put nipple clips on me and I didn’t know if they would be electrified or not (they were not). The most erotic part for me other than seeing her walk in was the breath play where she pushed me till I started thrashing about. She was silent almost the entire time. Had no idea what she was going to do next. She stuck a sound in and on my penis and turned up the juice till it felt like my penis was being turned inside out. Used an electrified double Wartenburg neuro wheel, etc. I was howling in agony and fear. It was a most humbling experience to be crushed so easily by her. There wasn’t a mark on me and Mme Sade didn’t even work up a sweat.