Becoming Mme Sade’s Slave

In our world of BDSM we play with symbols, strong magic for us mere mortals. These symbols are complex, they may be acts, fetishes, words or scenes, but they are laden with many meanings; they touch us physically, mentally in our conscious and unconscious minds and spiritually. I now realize that much of the “playing” i do is an active exploration of my self and my soul. i have found a kindred spirit.

Over the last six months i have been regularly making the pilgrimage to Rapture to serve Sade.
It is easy to fall for her, to submitt for she is tall and lithe, her eyes are both calm and wise. She can be easy and fun or sublime like your favorite poem, novel or guitar riff. She has enormous power, feminine power like a force of nature – i always want to please her. She has found a perminant place in my soul like the cool forests of my childhood.

Last week she had me strip down to my bare flesh and started circling me, round and round scratching my head, pinching my nipples whispering and putting me in a state of disoriented nirvana. She beat me with a metal cane, her hand, a crop until i was way down in my submissive mindset: sore, stinging but alive, awake and excited.
“dont you want to get fucked tonight?” “How is that shaved pink ass of yours?” I love taking her strap-on and began to writhe, pressing my ass out, arching my back and sighing the song of a slut in heat. She pushed my torso forward while i was standing and kicked my feet wide apart. Then i felt her spit in my hole followed by the cool sensation of lube. Her finger slide into me and i wanted to hold it there taking reassurance from her touch. She knows me i thought, she just beats, spreads and penetrates me at will, and all i can think of is arching up more to increase the sensation and better feel each digit of her long fingers. More spitting and more lube, then two, three, four fingers. i rode them wantonly, without care or worry, totally immersed in the joy of being penetrated.

i moaned over and over again as i held onto my ankles and basked in my vulnerability as she taunted me with her fingers and her words. “I have two new Mistresses in training and your ass will be useful to me tonight so get up on the table now and position yourself at the end.” Moments went by and i rested on all fours with my spine arched and knees wide apart. i could feel my wetness, she gave me a wide on and a hard on and we both knew very well that i would do anything and everything she ordered. i sneeked a peek under my right shoulder and saw her put on a magnificent leather strap-on with steel gromets around the belt and a huge excited silicon cock protruding out from her low betweek her hip bones. It made my heart rise with excitement because i knew she like to use that cock on me very thouroughly.

i wanted it in my mouth and to look up into her face as i swallowed and licked it for her. That way there would be intimacy through the eye contact she would know that i was here for her to use in any way. i wanted her to know by this act, this symbol that i was hers.
How did she know? My ass was swaying with lust but she held back like a patient lover and walked around the bench to just in front of my head. “Do you like my cock slave?” Show me how much you like it so i can see if you can demonstrate proper fellatio to my proteges.” Here it was, a symbol. If i could please her by using my mouth on her cock, then i had somehow succeeded, won, medalled in the S&M olympics. So i sucked and kissed, working my way down the long veined shaft of this magnificent long legged womans magic silicon symbol of her power over me. i swallowed all 7, 8 or 9 inches and looking into her eyes i saw her smile. i knew she approved as she held my head down tight against the base of her cock and said “good boy, you swallowed it all.” i was overjoyed that she was pleased with me…it thrilled my heart.

She pulled out abruptly as i licked my numb lips and gasped, all of a sudden with no object to swallow, no symbol to worship, i felt vulnerable, how would i make her smile again?
Behind me she said “put your head all the way down boy” and i did, giving her my ass completely as she rode and she rode and she rode. You all know how it feels: a little pain, sweet agony and then pure joy. i followed her rhythem and pushed back as she fucked me round and round. It went on for a while until she withdrew and walked over to the door. My head was down and my ass was up so i couldnt see the two mistresses in training so i listened, concentrating on their voices. Sade’s voice changed, she was now in Head Mistress mode and had to teach her disciples how to use a slaves ass properly. She gave them a lesson in ass anatomy intricately describing how the inner and outer sphincter worked, how to relax the anus and give it pleasure all the while using my swollen ass cheeks and puffy pink hole. She held the flesh of my ass pulling the skin up and away from by body to show the others how to penetrate and deliver different sensations and angles.

“You try now Mistress Koh, thats right use more lube, you can never use too much…right bitch!” I answered by trying to display myself more as i felt Koh’s warm and eager fingers explore the folds of skin and muscle in my anus. She had a nice smooth touch and explored me fully and with a sensitivitythat surprised and delighted me. “How did that feel bitch?” i told her it was wonderful then i felt the slightly more tentative hands of Mistress Maddox as she lubed and explored my slave’s pleasure hole. my ass was getting a real workout as i turned to see Koh putting on a strap on. She watched as Mistress Sade entered me slowly and pleasurably even though her cock was enormous. She withdrew and let Koh enter me. i could tell she enjoyed fucking me as tentative thrusts gained momentum, timing, power and depth. Maddox was up next and all i could do was think of staying open and giving myself to her just as i would to Sade. She lectured and critiqued them both on all they did. i could tell that they both were listening attently to Sade both vying for the opportunity to show the Head Mistress what they could do.

Now Sade had moved around in front of me ordering me to demonstrate how she trained me to suck her cock. i wanted tto show them but more than that, i wanted to show Sade that i was hers, that i would run to her side and gladly submitt to any use demanded…so i sucked her off again. Putting the same passion into it as before and looking into her eyes for signs of approval. She commanded Koh to mount me again and i had all i could do to concentrate on the fellatio as i took this glorious humiliation while Maddox looked on commenting on how well Sade had trained me.

“Once you both leave i will have him suck me till he cums.” “I will have him grind his thick cock against the bench and cum while sucking me off as a reward for his good service.” The girls left and she began to skull fuck me. i gagged over and over but wanting to see her smile, needing her approval i kept on sucking…”hum for me boy”. i began humming as she held my head and forced me up and down her shaft. “You have been a good slave, i am proud of you tonight. This is how i will use you, you are my fuck bitch to use are’nt you?” my eyes said it all. i was enthralled and hearing her approval i came gushing, my ass tightening, hard as i devoured her cock while looking into her smiling eyes.
Sade im Yours!