Mme Sade Goes 64 For 64 Forced Orgasms

I was walking around Soho today and stopped in Babeland and picked up a couple of new toys and a really thick silicone dildo. So naturally I thought of Mme Sade. I called and made a mid afternoon appt.

When I arrived Mistress Brooke showed me into the reception room to wait a few minutes. I asked if she wanted the photos I had taken at our last session and she gave me her USB key drive to copy them from my laptop.

As I was doing so Madame Sade came in and said… “Let me get a funnel I really have to pee.” So I said, “just a sec, I’m copying these pics for Mistress Brooke.” She left for a second to look for a funnel.

Then she stuck her head back in the room “You don’t understand, I really have to pee, NOW.” So I grabbed all my stuff and went straight into the Silver Room. I put down my stuff and hung my clothes on the hooks. “Where do you want me?,” I asked. “I don’t care!” she answered. I lay on the floor.

She stuck a small aluminum funnel in my mouth and squatted over my face, “Close your eyes.” she ordered. I did so. She then let loose with a torrent, although very accurately aimed, into the rather small funnel. I had to gulp to keep up, but did not spill a drop. When she finished I asked if she wanted me to shower. “Are you all sweaty and smelly?” “Uh, yes”. She handed me a towel.

When I returned from my shower she told me that she wanted to try something different. Of course I would never consider anything like that.

She wanted to spend the session on prostate play and see if I could have a prostate orgasm. Until today I had never had a prostate orgasm.

She had me lie back on the bed in the Silver Room, gloved up and began to lube and stretch my bud. She asked if I new what the record was and I guessed 37. She told me her record was 47. First two fingers, then three going deeper and deeper. Working in the lube and stretching me out.

Then she pricked up a fairly straight, plastic, medium-large size vibrator and began to fuck me with it. Just general stimulation warming me up. Of course it felt great. Then she began to focus down on my prostate. Pushing the vibe back and forth right on the prostate. Really focusing and driving in and out along that spot. I felt something I had never felt before. It was extremely pleasurable and intense – then I felt my muscles contract and spasm as I came. I wasn’t sure if I had really come.

“That’s 1,” Mme. Sade said. And I realized it was. She kept up the stimulation and along came number 2. Then a couple of minutes later 3. Each was more intense. Then came number 4 which was really intense – my stomach muscles spasmed as I came.

Mme. slowed for a couple of minutes then started up again. Here came 5, then a minute or so later 6 then 7. She did not stop until we reached 10 then she took a short break – only a couple of minutes. I asked her to put my legs up in suspension and she did so.

Then it was time for 11 -17 over about 5 minutes – I began to have true multiple orgasm. Then another break. Now we moved up into the twenties. Number 23 -30 came over about 2-3 minutes of non stop orgasms. From 23-27 each became stronger and number 27 was a killer (I loved it). But no rest for the wicked as Mme. Sade kept going, non-stop, until 30.

At 30 we took a couple of minutes rest. Seeing a satisfied smile on my face Mme. grabbed her little plastic box and began to put clothes pins – the little nasty ones – on my scrotum and penis. She can’t bear to see me having too much pleasure without a little variety.

The she started up again. We went to 37 again in a straight series of multiple orgasms. The first fairly light with each new orgasm building in intensity. During this series the orgasms became so intense that I shouted with each. At 37, Mme. said “there’s our number should we continue?’. “Oh yes”, I answered. Without pause we went to 38 and another short break. After 38 she tried out my new toy. This gave me about four to 42. I told her that the vibe was better, so Mme. switched back.

Next came the recorded attempt. We went from 42 – 47 in one straight intense set each following more quickly behind other. Without stopping she continued to 48.

“Are you OK?” she asked. “Uh yeah, I’m great, and not totally worn out – yet,” I replied.

Time for numbers 49, 50, 51, all coming together to 55. With the next pause she removed the clothes pins.

She then started again going quickly to 60. I said “How about 64 my old uniform number?”. She continued with 4 more orgasms totaling 64.

At that point I was exhausted. This was a truly great session. Never had I experienced a prostate orgasm nor multiple orgasm. In an hour I had 64 including a whole series of multiple orgasms.

After I got up she said “I have to pee again!”. So I lay back down on the floor. She looked around, but I had left the funnel in the bathroom where I had rinsed it before my shower. She got the funnel, stuck it back in my mouth and gave me my second Goddess shower of the day.

When I got up I asked, “Have you eaten popcorn?” “No she answered not in months”. “Well, I got a definite sense of popcorn from the taste of your pee”. (Will have to figure that one out. )

If you have never had a prostate orgasm you should experience a few (dozen).

As I walked out I asked how long this recorded would last, then answered my own question “… no more than a week.” I guessed.


Thank you ma’am.