Mme Sade By The Numbers, 233, 20, 114

Having read some recent posts here, Mme. Sade dared me to try to break my record of 64 prostate orgasms. I decided that would be a great session so I called to make an appointment. Mistress Sashaka answered and asked what kind of session. I told her I wanted to break the record. M. Sashaka new exactly what I meant and scheduled the appointment.

I did my usual prep for anal play – 2 fleet enemas spread over a couple of hours. An hour before my session I called to reconfirm. Soon after I had an unexpected complication – the enemas triggered a bout of diarrhea. I took two Immodium and hoped for the best,

When I arrived M. Brooke met me and showed me into the silver room. We chatted for a few minutes. I then went to the bathroom to see if the immodium had worked. No luck. I also took a shower, because I was hot and sweaty from the day.

I went back into the room and waited for M. Sade. When she came in she asked which record did I want to break. I forgot we had also been talking about her genital piercing record of 220 needles in a slave’s cock and balls. I told her that I wanted to go for the prostate orgasm record, but I had that little problem.
We agreed that anal play could be unpleasant. She asked if I felt ok or might want to cancel. I said no, I was fine. I guess we’ll try for the other record. (I swear her eyes lit up when I agreed to the piercings.)

She left for a minute to get some pads and other equipment. She returned carrying the biggest box of needles I have ever seen and rolled over the instrument tray. She had me lay back on the bed – no restraints under the circumstances. She then took a long piece of cotton twine, looped it around my cock just under the corona, and tied it to a hook directly above on the bondage table. My cock couldn’t even hide. She then gloved up. “We just got this new surgical scrub – its much better than alcohol, but it says scrub for 5 minutes, so don’t get too excited.” She then took a gauze pad, soaked it in the scrub and began to rub it up and down my shaft, balls, inner thighs, and perineum. (Almost made the ordeal to follow worth it.) Then spraying her gloves with alcohol and rubbing them together until it dried, she began.

She pulled the first needle from the large pile of the 23 guage needles, with yellow hubs, and started the first line. “Which way do you want to go?”. “Uhh, start at the bottom and work your way towards the head?”. So she started on my scotum at the very base right on the centerline.

Peel, pop, stick, moan. Peel (open the sterile wrapper), pop (pull off the plastic cover), stick (you can figure this one out), moan (my only role other than laying still). Working her way upward was pretty fast and she was putting the needles as close together as possible. Mme. Sade was sticking the needles in from alternate sides to leave room for the needle hubs – otherwise the line slowly spirals away from the hubs.

Peel, pop, stick, moan. (Occasionally a squeal.) Having finished the line straight up the mid-line of the scrotum she continued straight up the front of my cock. I asked how many – 28 she said , “we’ll get an accurate count when I pull them out at the end.” As she finished the line of needles up the front of the shaft of my penis (peel, pop, stick, moan), she noticed that it looked like a caterpillar – the yellow hubs and the needles like legs. So she peeled off her gloves and left to get the camera. After coming back she took a several pictures then said, “You know, if I take two of the longer 20 gauge needles with green heads, and stick them into the head of your cock it will look exactly like the antennae of a caterpillar”.

So she got a couple of 20 guage needles 2″ long and re-gloved. more alcohol, then she stuck the first one straight down into the head of my cock on the left side. This went straight into the corpus cavernosa (the spongy cavern full of blood) and the needle hub filled with blood and began to drip, drip, drip, drip blood. It (not too) slowly dripped down the side of my cock, onto my pubis and down to the top of my thigh. Then taking the second large needle she stuck into the right side of the head of my cock – this did not go quite as deep so it did not strike gold(not nearly as much). She then peeled off the gloves again and took a bunch of pictures.

Mme. Sade then said, “Mistress Varla has to see this.” So she went and got Mistress Varla. “Hello, Mistress Varla,” I said as she came in. She saw the “caterpillar”, the perfect line of yellow hubbed needles up my balls and cock, and the antennae sticking out of the head. Drip, drip, drip, as the blood slowy trickled up the needle, out the hub, down my shaft and onto my leg. “That is so hot she said.”

Still a lot of work to do. Mme. Sade re-gloved, spritzed the alcohol on her gloves and removed the 2 antennae/needles from my cock. The hub of the needle was full of blood. “You know it would be so hot if you drank the blood”, she said. I nodded ok and tilted my head back, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. She held the needle over my tongue needle side down. Drip, drip, drip the blood dripped down from the needle onto my tongue. When it had stopped dripping I closed my mouth. “Swallow “,she ordered. I completed my first auto-vampire lesson. She took a sterile gauze pad and squeezed the head until it stopped bleeding.

Having reached the head it was time to start the crown of thorns. The last time she had tried to give me a crown of thorns, a ring of needles inserted through the edge of the corona all the way around (with the hubs sticking up looking like a crown), I had safe-worded, So she had to stop at a Tiara, only half way around – just the front of the head. This time she kept going. I was so deep into sub-space and endorphins that I just let her keep going. The needle being stuck through the rim of my extremely sensitive corona was truly intense. (Peel, pop, stick, squeal.)

After finishing the crown it was time to start the line down the back of my shaft. This time she worked from the head down, basically continuing in a straight line down the back.

Peel, pop, stick, moan. Working from one side then the other she completed the line. Just as she was completing the line down the back of my shaft the lights blinked. I had only booked an hour. There was still plenty of un-pierced flesh to work on.

“Uh can I extend the session?” I asked. “They need the room,” Mme. Sade told me. “Are you free? Maybe we could move into the medical room I asked?” “You want to keep going?”. “Yes.” “Let me check,” she said. I had visions of walking down the hall from the silver room to the medical room, holding the cord around my penis up above my head so that the needles would stay straight. It took a few minutes.

Mme. Sade returned carrying another big box of needles and said, “We are out of 23 gauge needles. The only ones we have left are the long 20 gauge.” (Gulp.) “Ok,” I answered. “Are we going to move?” “No, Varla is going to use the suspension room.”

I lay back as Mme. Sade took more pictures, including some video, then regloved, more alcohol on the gloves and

Peal, pop, stick, moan. She continued the line down the back of my shaft a little further. The started to stick some on either side of my shaft. “Ok, we are out of 23’s. Here come the 20’s.”
Working down the side she stuck a few on each side. “These are so long, its tough to fit them around the others without getting stuck.” “Thats all I can get.”

She then sat between my legs and started to extend the original line further down the front of my scrotum. Peel, pop, stick, moan. Now she had come to my perineum. Peel, pop, stick, squeal. (Damn that hurts, especially the thicker longer needle.)
“Uh, don;t get too close to my anus,” I said. “Don’t worry I have at least four inches to go before I even get to your crack.”

Peel, pop, stick, squeal. About five minutes of agony later, “I think, thats all we can get in.”

Now it was time to pull them out. She sprayed my cock and balls with alcohol numerous times. The she began to pull the needles and put them in the medical sharps disposal box, “1,2,3,4, … 24, 25, 26, … 50, 51, 52, … 73, 74, 75 … 88, 89, 90.” “Don’t forget the two antennae,” I said. “I counted those, 98, 99, 100 … 110, 111, 112, 114!”. “114,” she said. Well just over half the record, but by far my personal best. “Not very much bleeding, only a couple of spots are oozing,” she said.

Looking at the instrument tray I saw a mountain of empty needle caps.

“Do you want to go right into the shower? Or try some towels first?” “I think right into the shower”. She checked that the bathroom was open then led me into the shower. It took a while to shower off all of the blood. There were some clots on my thighs from the blood that dripped from the “antennae”.

When I got back into the room she asked if I had a USB card for the pictures. I gave her one and she gave me copies of all of the pictures and the 2 videos. Leading me out she gave me a big hug and said goodbye.

Hmm, 23 guage, and 20 gauge, but only 114. A personal best but …


To be continued… (but the review is finished).