Mistress Sade’s Exquisite Feet

I feel I must begin this post by acknowledging how lucky & privileged I feel to have served the exquisite Mistress Sade’s feet as many times as I did over many months. Mistress Sade, it is hard to thank you for the honor, whether in words or in deed. One decision I cherish having taken in life is to train to serve professional pedicures. This has given me the chance over the years to serve a very wide range of feet, from ballerinas’ to models’, let alone the range of size, shape, age, skin texture & tone. Being the foot fetishist I am as well, I have been to quite a few foot parties. Why am I mentioning this? Hopefully it will give some weight to my statement that Mistress Sade’s feet are ones of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest, pair of feet I can ever remember, truly flawless. When I think of how a pair of perfect feet would look & feel like, the one image that takes over my mind is Mistress Sade’s.

I can hardly remember a pair of feet nearly as smooth as hers. Her skin is so nicely & richly nourished. Every time I get ready to use the foot file I realize she hardly has a single cell of dead skin on her heels, balls of her feet, or toes. All there is silk smooth vibrant skin. Amazing!! The tone of her feet is so perfect, a lovely mild tan on an otherwise pearl skin, a feast for the eyes!! Mistress Sade’s superior feet are a perfect size 10, and her arches are so nicely curved, that the fit of her feet onto the face of any lucky slave would be so perfect, so engulfing, so mesmerizing, so powerful, so suffocating. Any face would be in heaven to be smothered by her silky smooth soles I know I can never forget those lucky moments she stood on my face and laughed at my joyful pain Thank you, Mistress Sade.

Mistress Sade’s toes are beautifully long, enough to honor any red-blooded foot servant who dreams of sucking the perfect toes. Whenever she decided to take pleasure in having her toes individually sucked & tended to, she simply pushed them between my eager & hungry lips one at a time. I couldn’t suck enough, never enough time, never enough pressure, never enough motion. Nothing is enough for the amazing foot goddess As for those times she wanted to reward her foot slave with more pressure, she teasingly but firmly pushed all of them into my overwhelmed mouth at once! Wow!! My Goddess, I wanted to die & go to heaven right then. Yes, I was suffocating, but I was already in heaven

Whenever I have the privilege of massaging Mistress Sade’s feet, I can’t stop wishing I was a drop of the lotion I use, mango coco-butter, which she seems to like I can only imagine how amazing it would be to flow between her silky heels to the soft seems on her sole, on between her amazing long sexy toes. Aaahh!! I am just about to explode in excitement!! I look up at her to see if she caught any expression of excitement on my face, or a spark in my eyes. I see an amazingly intimidating beauty looking me in the eye & smiling subtly, as though she was reading my every thought. Wow!! My brain freezes in its tracks right then, even though my hands continue their rite of worship to the lovely feet. “Uh .. Oh .. Ah .. G-G-Goddess pleased?” I stutter. “Yes, You may continue”, she commands. My brain slowly recovers …

When it comes to polishing Mistress Sade’s toenails, her preferred color is Vamp Red (yes, as in Vampire), a lightly darker than average, yet rich blood-red. What can I say? I am as nervous applying the polish on her toenails as I am at any stage of my service, certainly including having filed her toenails into perfection Yet, I know I must be utterly careful if I were to avoid the punishment for an imperfect job. Yes, I make it my mission in life to make sure all is simply perfect My ultimate reward is a happy Mistress Sade. How she chooses to manifest her satisfaction is simply her decision. Needless to say, I am in heaven every time she pushes her perfect feet into my face or commands me to do anything to worship them.

My Goddess Sade, it is such an honor to have served your feet, and to continue serving them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Any slave would be in heaven to worship those feet, or to get stomped & trampled by them.

-Toenail Charm