Mistress Sade On St. Patricks Day

I was recently back in NYC and had the pleasure of serving Mistress Sade on Saint Patrick’s Day. I’ve only had a few other sessions and had never been to Rapture before. I read many great reviews on Mistress Sade, and she did not disappoint. Mistress Sade was amazing. I also most note that amazingly, her pictures do not do her justice. Mistress Sade’s pictures are beautiful and sexy. In person, she is drop-dead gorgeous.

I was there for a humiliation session. I got that and more. In my pre-session form I had also mentioned that I had done some strap-on worship and training, but had not done much anal penetration. First, Sade had me do a sexy strip tease for her. I did not realize how embarrassing that could be. I think it is less embarrassing to be waiting naked for her rather than strip for her.

It did not take long for Mistress Sade to put on a big black strap-on. By the way, she seemed very comfortable wearing it. While on my knees, she had me put a condom on her strap-on only using my mouth. When I first started sucking, I was doing a rather poor job. I was trying to get the condom to the base of her strap-on. And, needless to say, I did quite a bit of gagging. However, that’s all I was doing. This was not satisfactory for Mistress Sade. She made me treat her strap-on like a real dick, forcing me to use my hands and play with the head and shaft with my tongue. I was a fast learner. She basically made me her bitch.

Next she had me on my back with my ass exposed. She wanted to work on my ass to release my inner slut. My ass is very tight, as I was struggling with one finger at first. She loosed me up and got at least two, maybe more inside me. After she got them inside me and I loosed up some she rammed them in and out of me as hard and fast as she could. All I could do was lay there and take it like a slut.

At the end of the session, Mistress Sade had four other mistresses enter. They were wearing street clothes (note: it was rather late. I’m guessing I was the last session of the night). I was lying on my back as Mistress Sade was aggressively exploring my ass again. They were circled around me watching. They all took turns spitting on my dick as I jerked myself for their entertainment. One spit even in my mouth. With Mistress Sade’s permission, I finished up. Mistress Sade wiped my spunk onto my face and lips. Shortly afterwards, the other mistresses left the room. I will admit, that last part did catch me off guard.

Overall, Mistress Sade rocks! I realize I am not the most experienced submissive out there. Ok, I’m very, very far from it, but I am certain that regardless of your level of expertise, Mistress Sade can and will deliver. I highly recommend Mistress Sade.