Mistress Sade NYC WOW!

I visited NYC the other day to session with Mistress Sade, and what a session! I thought best to share with the community what an amazing time I had and more importantly what an amazingly skilled domme Mistress Sade is.

The session was so varied it was unbelievable taking me to such highs that for hours after I was still buzzing and ‘coming down’, now I’ve seen Mistress Sade many times and every time our sessions get better and better but this time it was a totally new level, it started with nipple torture and me having to grad hefty weights around the room using just the chain connected to my nipples and in return I would be granted a reward, at first I was chained to a very heavy weight that I could not even move, however the reward a kiss on Mistress Sade’s lips! For which I tried my best over and over just to have the nipple clamps snap off causing me massive amounts of pain, to the laughter of Mistress, put them back on she commanded, so I could try again, when it was obvious that I could not even move the weight, a smaller one was put on my chain, the reward this time was to lick clean Mistress filthy feet, the thought of this made me so wet and dribble through the chastity device Mistress had fitted to my poor cock, but this time I managed with pain to drag the weight to her feet, where I would be rewarded by licking all the dirt off her feet, however before that she had noticed my trail I had left like a male slug and I was ordered to lick it all up, again dragging the weight back in order to clean up my mess, finally I was at her feet on my back, nipple clamps and chain pulling tight as I licked, kissed and cleaned her beautiful feet. Oh what heaven, it is to clean such perfect feet staring up into her eyes, not for long though as she started to use he talented feet to kick the nipple clamps and even pinch my nipples causing me even more pain, which just made me more adamant to clean her feet I licked and licked to take my mind off the pain, such joy!

Once I had cleaned Mistresses feet I was ordered on my knees ass in the air, as I was soon being toe-fucked! Wow what a feeling as Mistress sank her beautiful big toe deep into my ass, I rode it with sheer joy, she pumped in and out, I pushed back and forward, nipple clamps still attached I was in sheer pain and totally ecstasy.

I was then ordered to remove the condom from Mistress Sade’s toe and lick her toes clean, I did so with such adoration as there is nothing better in the World then tending to Mistress Sade’s feet.

I was next cuffed standing arms above me and spread eagle, all sorts of electrical devices were connected to my cock and balls, while Mistress took up a position behind me, in fact so close I could feel her entire lycra-clad perfect body, damn she was looking so good today, so sexy, so tight, so tall, her beautiful hair, her smell, her sadistic smile, her high heels, and her ever so beautiful slender hands, with long fingers the givers of such pain and pleasure….

Mistress Sade stuffed in my mouth some of her worn knickers that she said she had been wearing all day, she mad sure the damp crutch was on my tongue, damn-it I could taste her and to this day I get instant arousal just thinking of that part of our session, pulling on my now ever so painful nipples she switched on the electricity, no I know this is quite a nice feeling and one can cum from it as the setting ‘P2′ is like you’re being masturbated! Needless to say I was ordered not to cum, Mistress then continued to lick my ears, pull on my nipples, turn up the level and the rhythm, she was sitting right behind me making almost full body contact, I was so fucking close to cumming, the tease and denial went on for what seemed like hours, I was so close but did not cum, I was so ‘high’ or in sub-space that I was more spaced out then Neil Armstrong ever was!

I was eventually let down, falling to the floor a wreck, she commanded me to my feet, and announced that I would now be beaten on many parts of my body 43 times!

Using a split cane type device with 5-6 smaller canes she started with my finger-tips, beating me to the floor on several occasions, after I counted to 43 (still with her beautiful knickers in my mouth), she then administered 43 to my palms, she moved onto my back, again knocking me to the floor in such agony however knowing that I did not have the choice of stopping this only The Sadist did I would stand up and take more, she then moved to my ass, then my nipples/chest fuck did the hurt the worst, well that was until she came to my cock, my thighs were next, then my feet, at the end of this I was a wreck laying at her feet kissing them, that little bit of compassion made me feel better and that what had just happened worth every kiss I gave to her feet, Mistress continued to beat my ass which by now was so sore but the kissing helped, wow what a time!

But it was not over as I was honoured to receive a golden from Mistress as a reward for standing up and taking more, I was ordered to lay on my back while she placed a funnel in my mouth I was told to close my eyes and to masturbate, I was so fucking excited as I lay there my back and ass hurt on the rough floor from the punishment I had just taken which added to my excitement, I waited and all of a sudden my mouth was full, I was swallowing as quick as I can as I did not want to waste a drop, what a beautiful taste, and the lowly feeling drinking piss gives me, I truly was her slave being teased, pushed to my limit, whipped without mercy, worshiping her body, now being pissed not on but in, Mistress Sade is such a powerful being and someone to be worshiped, not only is she so beautiful she is so skilled at tormenting and rewarding her subjects it is like heaven to session with her.

After she had finished she stepped to my side and said you’ve 10 seconds to cum, 10, 9, 8, 7, I was pumping away and very close, 6, 5, 4, may I cum I said almost dropping the funnel, yes she replied, I came like never before the cum hitting my face, I screamed like a baby, after I was done and spent I was ordered to lick up all my cum, which I quickly did, I was then allowed to lay at Mistresses feet for a while, she placed her feet on me just staring down at me with that look of superiority and satisfaction, yes I was truly her slave.

I must finally add that; I have been Mistress Sade’s slave for a little over a year now but have been sessioning with her exclusively now for 16 months, actually from Sep 1st 2006 noon (but who’s counting)

I have never written a review but felt it time to tell the World about this most talented, wonderful and special person and dominatrix, especially after my last visit / session, I do hope you all enjoyed it, but not as much as I did

Mistress Sade is not called ‘The Sadist’ for fun, she really is a Sadist, but she also has such compassion that is rarely found in other folks, allowing her to be the most loving Sadist on the Planet, she can be your worst nightmare with no feelings and also the kindest most caring Mistress of them all, she really cares, making for an unbelievable session, fantasy or whatever you want to call it, and is that not what we session for?

I have heard it said that her nickname and her sometimes stern-look can scare subs away from calling or booking a session with her, what I say to that is; you’re missing out on seeing one of the Worlds finest dommes, as she is skilled in many areas, some being (my favourites) electrical play, foot, leg and body worship, cupping, CBT, nipple torture, strap-on, I have to say that again as Mistress Sade is the foremost leader in STRAP-ON, including milking the prostrate, she will make you cum over and over like a girl, your eyes will roll back in your head as you moan in total pleasure as you cum and cum again and again. Some more of her unrivalled skills are corporal punishment, branding, suffocation, she stands 5′ 10″ bear feet, so in heels she towers above us poor subs and slaves, as we quiver in her sheer presence, knowing that soon we will become hers to do with as she sees fit.

Sessioning with her is unbelievable and I whole heartedly recommend people in the scene to put their nerves aside and book a session with Mistress Sade, I live in London UK as such I have the London scene, the Berlin scene, the Amsterdam scene, and I can tell you that no one I’ve found in any of these World class scenes comes even close to the skills, and session times I’ve had with Mistress Sade and that is the reason I travel 7,000 miles to session.

If anyone would like more advise or a general chat please feel free to PM me.

Thank you so very much Mistress Sade, you really are an unbelievable beautiful and talented Mistress.
You know that I will be back.