I’ve Been SADE Emized

Had my second session with the lovely Mme Sade last week. She was looking hotter than ever. Tall. Beautiful. Confident. Completely in control.

I was her sleazy boss whom she had caught looking through a peephole into the ladies’ rest room to get my jollies. She gave me two options. She would report me to the company brass and the authorities, charge me with sexual harassment and virtually ruin my life, or she could show me the error of my ways and rehabilitate me. Figuring unemployment and financial ruin were not viable options, I opted for the rehab.

My training began with being ordered to strip. I protested but to no avail. A half-minute later I was standing completely naked for her inspection. She circled me like a vulture getting ready to pounce on its prey. She then stood right in front of me, looked me square in the eye, with one hand pulled my hair making my head snap backward and with the other hand put a vice-like grip on my balls, telling me that she now owned me and I was going to pay for my transgressions.

Before I knew it I was over her knee getting the spanking of my life. Damn, can that lady hit hard! After about 40-50 swats from her powerful hands, my ass was on fire. That was followed by some more squeezing of my balls, then another 30 or so swats with a leather paddle. By this time I was begging for mercy and promising that I would mend my ways.

She next ordered me to my feet. I told her that I thought I had taken enough punishment and humiliation, and that I had repaid the debt. She responded with a couple of crisp smacks to my hard cock and told me that she was just getting warmed up. I was then directed to her “work bench” which had a large cushion sitting on it. I was made to kneel on the bench and drape myself over the cushion. My wrists were then shackled to the sides of the bench so that I couldn’t move, leaving me in the extremely compromising head down, ass up position, perfect for Mme Sade’s next torture. She positioned a mirror so that I could see what was about to happen to me next, then moved behind me and gave my ass another hard smack and my balls a good hard tug. I watched in horror in the mirror as she stepped into a good sized black strap-on, and couldn’t help but notice the devilish smile on her face. My pleas of repentance were ridiculed as I felt first the cool lube being smeared on my hole, followed by the insertion of one finger, then two and finally a third. No amount of begging on my part could stop her from positioning herself behind me, grabbing my hips, and ramming that dildo into my ass. Starting out slowly at first, then picking up the tempo, each stroke seemed to go in deeper, as she reached forward and pulled on my hair for more leverage. The pounding continued for several minutes and I could see in the mirror that she was enjoying every minute of it. There was no question that I had become her slut.

Finally, she told me that since I had been spying on all of the ladies in the office, it wouldn’t be fair of her to keep the fun all to herself, so she invited Mme Rouge and Mistress Bane to come in and watch. Mme Sade then went back to pounding my ass, and Mme Rouge and Ms. Bane were delighted to see their creepy “boss” naked and being totally humiliated. Mme Rouge joined in with a few hard smacks to my ass while Ms. Bane pulled my head up by the hair to make sure that I was watching all the fun in the mirror.

When the three ladies decided that my ass had take enough of a fucking for now, they released me from the shackles and ordered me to my feet. But they still weren’t finished with me. They decided that I needed to have the “sleaze” washed off of me so they marched me to the shower and ordered me to sit in it. Mme Sade ordered me to play with myself and Mme Rouge decided to provide the lubricant. She removed her panties, stood over me and doused my cock with her golden juices as I stroked it. To make sure that I had enough lube to finish the job, the three ladies stood over me and took turns spitting on my cock.

By the time the session ended I was totally exhausted. Mme Sade is awesome, erotic and sensual, not to mention beautiful. She’s the Michelangelo of Domination and the Shakespeare of Strap-on. She doesn’t play at being dominant, she is by nature and you can sense it the minute you meet her. If you have a chance to session with her, do it. You won’t regret it.