Beautiful Sadist

Mme Sade gave me one of the best sessions I ever had.

I like strap-on play, so, several months ago, when I read about her session with mcjock (My Poor Bruised Pubic Bone), I took notice. Mme Sade described how she gave him the hardest, fastest thrusts she could hand out. mcjock responded by saying that it was the best strap-on session he ever had. These words stayed in my mind. Several months later, I pm’d mc. In private, he told me the same thing he said in public, that it was the best strap-on session he’d ever had. He added that, all these months later, he felt just as good about the whole session, and hoped to return to Mme Sade when he returned to New York (he gave me permission to repeat his words). Based on this, and on her many perceptive posts here on Max, I went to see Mme Sade.

In an e-mail to her, I requested a strap-on session. I told her didn’t want to bruise her pubic bone too badly, and suggested that she start me out with a beating and then alternate ten minute strap-on segments with other fun activities.

Mme Sade started me out with nipple torture, spanking and caning. She advertises herself as “incredibly strong” and, despite her rail-thin figure, she isn’t kidding. She put me on all fours and caned me hard and sadistically. She exerted a true dominance that made me want to take everything she could dish out. I didn’t dare ask for mercy. She beat me furiously until I collapsed to the floor. She gave me more than I could take, and she made me grateful for it.

The beautiful Sade bills herself as “The Sadist” and she isn’t kidding. With her nipple torture and corporal punishment, she reduced me to a whimpering, incoherent mass of flesh. Then she put her strap-onto me. She took me as authoritatively as she caned me. She pounded into me with hard, fast thrusts until I whimpered and moaned, and struggled against her physical and mental power. I felt totally possessed.

In my e-mail to her, I asked Mme Sade to alternate strap-on segments with other more low-key activities, such as putting me on my back and smothering me, or making me kneel and kiss her feet. Instead, after introducing me to her strap-on technique, she again made me assume a position on all fours and again caned me mercilessly until I collapsed under her blows. As I lay on the floor, she looked down on me and impatiently told me to get up.

Mme Sade also surprised me by swatting my rear end and my three piece set with a bug zapper. When she swatted the latter, I fell to the floor (again). Then she told me to offer my penis to her by touching it to the bug zapper. I had not asked for the zapper, and I certainly had never fantasized about this, but, at this point in the proceedings, I was so under her spell that I could not refuse her. With great trepidation, I offered my penis as a sacrifice upon her altar. I willingly touched my by-now-sore member to the bug zapper, and promptly fell to the floor in pain, yet again. My main thought was that I hoped my suffering made her happy. The next thing I knew, she was pounding the strap-on into me again.

After the session, I read Sade’s post “Creative Sadism”, where she says that she like to make her slave touch his cock and balls to her electrified paddle. I’m glad I gave my member to her this way and I’m sorry I didn’t have the presence of mind to offer my balls also. Oh well, now I know what I’m in for when next I see her.

Mme Sade advertises herself as a Sadist who will make you pant and scream, and she isn’t kidding. She made me moan and cry out involuntarily when she tortured and caned me. Then when she put the strap-on to me, she made me moan and struggle against her considerable power. When she was done with me, she left me physically debilitated and panting breathlessly, as promised.

Mme Sade has written a lot here on Max lately and, in our time together, she made good on all the claims she has made in her writings. I really respect her for this! As she worked on me, I wondered how such a thin, fresh-faced young woman exert such dominance and sadism. The other Dommes I have seen have tended to be in their mid-thirties, at least ten years older than her, but she is approaching the best of them in terms of her stunning capabilities. She has the potential to be one of the very best Dommes in New York.

The beautiful Sade gave me one of the best sessions I ever had. I give her an A plus for technique and an A plus for effort. If you think you might like a session with her, I strongly recommend that you e-mail her to determine if your interests are compatible with hers. Compatibility is subjective and only you can decide if she is right for you. If your correspondence with her encourages you, and you submit to her, you will no doubt join at least two of us in saying that she gave you one of the best sessions you ever had.

Respectfully submitted,