I’d Pull Myself Up To Fuck Myself Cowgirl

From my Fuck Me Sideways With A Spoon experience, and the Review-A Priestess Gives Herself To A Goddess–

I had my little TS princess write for me her perspective (perhaps we could call it a review) on our first experience with each other. We’ve had a few more since last Tuesday that are equally as memorable (the video we shot together on Friday for example), but I thought her blog was just too delicious not to share with all the avid erotica readers here.



So I have this one client, Bee (db), that treats me to various bisexual experiences. One as of late, was a session with a particularly skilled Domme, Dee (Sade), whom he has known for several years. He of course got to watch, which I didn’t mind. He’s been a regular of mine for a good while and I’m very comfortable with him. He really was just a fly on the wall that would occasionally hold my ankles when I was in certain positions.

Let me tell you about Dee. Dee is young but very knowledgeable and experienced. She is clever, intuitive, and sexy as all get out! What I knew about her before I stepped into her dungeon was that she had given Bee a very memorable multi-orgasmic session via prostate stimulation. Bee wanted me to experience this woman’s astonishing skills, especially since my prostate is particularly sensitive, and I can rarely have an orgasm when someone tries to stimulate it directly. Anyways, between he and I, my prostate seemed to be a bit of a mystery. And hopefully this very learned woman might shed some light on the topic.

Let give some quick background here. I typically dominated Bee and Bee is typically always a bottom with most people he plays with, but when he discovered how switchy I am, he wanted to give dominating a try. Anyways, to cut to the chase, during my time being dominated by Bee, he tried stimulating my prostate with a VERY powerful vibrator. I just about jumped off the bed, and not in a good way. And in general, his entire treatment of me was very “man to man”. He was beating on me and stimulating me as he would want to be stimulated himself, which is of course a reasonable place for someone to start. His warm up was very brief, and his strikes were very harsh and abrupt, which is what I would call a very “man” way of doing it. And he hadn’t really realized that women’s bodies and men’s bodies like a different touch. I explained that I needed much more warm up and seduction if he wanted my body to respond with the greatest amount of resonance. Long story short, he wanted to learn how a woman likes to be touched (or beaten for that matter). He wanted to watch how women do it, and I was perfectly happy to let this incredibly hot woman have her way with me, ultimately for the benefit of MY sex with Bee. And after Dee got the request and saw pictures of me, she was also enthusiastic to get together. So we all he an interest in this delightful experience.

The day of the encounter:

I was sitting in the dungeon talking to her about what I was hoping to get out of the experience, when I noticed very clearly that she had a very thorough understanding of her craft. She picked up on the slightest nuances in the ways I answered her questions. And the more apparent her in-tune-ness became, the more I wanted her to ask me questions (in retrospect, I was turned on by how brilliant she was. I wanted her to penetrate my mind).

After she returned in her extremely sexy yet subtle outfit, I felt compelled to take my clothes off, and let the session begin. I slipped off my tank-top, but Dee immediately said, “If you’re going to strip, at least give me the full strip-tease. … Go ahead, put it back on”. She went to put on some music. I slipped the shirt back on, and thanked the stars that I was an experienced stripper. I began to seductively remove my clothes. Dee would stopped me several times throughout to tease me with Vampire Gloves and sweet caresses around my body. She whispered things into my ear in a way that I had never even dreamed of. I’d never known what words could possibly bring men to their knees like I’d seen, and I always thought it had been a farce. But when these words dripped from this woman’s mouth into my unknowing mind, it was like a drip of blood into a pirana tank, and I knew what it meant to be truly seduced and dominated by words. She bent me over in front of her before my pants were even off. I felt sexy and owned. I’d never felt owned before. I’d never received this kind of attention from someone that was this smoking hot before. And I’d never felt like someone could handle owning me before. Even with very skilled Dommes, I never submitted 100%. And within the first 5 minutes of this session, I was gone. I wanted to be and do anything and everything this woman told me. I finally got my pants off and turned around to face her. She put a choke hold on me, which was also an experience that had been played with before but never successfully. As she held my neck firmly in her grasp, I felt sexier still. My entire body started to clue into the power that my intellect had detected when we talked at the beginning of the session. My nerves were officially standing at attention, and couldn’t wait to learn what was to happen next.

She lied me down on the bondage-bed, which was firm, but not unsexy. I started to settle into the receptive mindset that I figured would allow me to be a good bottom for her. She started to massage my cunt which she commented was tight. And for some reason, to me this felt like a disappointment, even though she said it just as a sexy observation. When people in the past have commented on how quickly my cunt has opened up and welcomed them in, that has felt good, sexy, as I’d want it. When she said this, I immediately tried to relax my muscles as quickly as I could, though I don’t know how successful I was. She started to stroke and stimulate me with her fingers. The warm up she was giving me felt good. Slow and thorough. But as she began to focus in on my G-spot, it started to become too much stimulation, not unlike the problem I’d had with Bee. I tried to explain to her that I like a firm pole kind of stiffness, which she adjusted to, using her fingers flexed straight instead of curved. Again, it was very enjoyable for a while, but I was still feeling over-stimulated. I don’t remember if I said so, or if she sensed my mixed sensations. But she asked me ride her fingers a bit to let me fuck myself the way I wanted to be fucked. And it was helpful for her and for me. It felt a bit better, but I couldn’t cum off of riding her like that. It would take so much physical work on both our parts to maintain it. So she gave me a brief break while she put on her strap on. She used a small cock because of how over-stimulated I was. She mentioned that it was such a “girl” thing to say, but it’s very true.

Receiving stimulation with fingers or vibrators from other people has always been difficult, though something I use extensively when jilling off. I hope one day I will find someone that knows anal play and prostate-stimulation the way I like it. I might just marry said person (that is NOT to be taken as a personal challenge to any readers of this!).

After we’d played with some oral on her cock, she began to fuck me. Immediately, I fell right into my familiar swing from fucking men. Her fucking me was incredible. It was familiar, but exciting because I’d never been fucked by a strap-on. And I’d been fetishizing strap-ons for about a year prior. So seeing her hungry eyes staring back at me as I grinded into her lap brought a sub-space all of it’s own. The choice of the small cock was a perfect choice because I was so almost there from everything else we’d done that the tender nuance of the smaller dick made the ride to orgasm all that more enjoyable.

I’d pulled myself up to fuck myself cowgirl style and was riding her hard when I finally broke through my ceiling. I shrieked and groaned as the tinging convulsions echoed throughout my body. When I felt I couldn’t hold myself up any more I started to lay back. I wasn’t sure whether to “dismount” from her cock or not. But after I was on my back again, I noticed the energetic connection circulating between our pelvises was still quite active. She made some gentle, very slow motions in and out, letting me milk her just that little bit more, really savoring the moment. I loved it.

She took her cock out of me and we both looked at each other with glimmers in our eyes. We both burst out into giggling laughter which felt so good. It was so therapeutic to be taken through so much and to be brought back from sub-space with one of my favorite things: laughter.