The Sadist Bride & The Cucky Hubby

From my long time cuckold, the story of how our eight year role play of him as my cucky hubby began.


And finally it was Friday. I was so nervous because had made an appointment for a session with Mistress Sade and will not only have my first strap on session, but also play something I dearly wanted to do for a long time: A Cuckold Fantasy.

The role-play involved a groom who got drunk and couldn’t perform on his wedding night. The bride got angry and decided to have fun with the groom’s friends. She will show him all the nasty things that did with them and also consummate their marriage by fucking him with her strap on dildo.

For the session, I bought Mistress Sade a nice bride costume which consisted of a Lycra Corset Top, Short Skirt with Garthers, High Stockings, Leg Garters, Gloves and a Veil. I dropped it by Rapture a day before our session. When the session started and saw her, she looked so beautiful that I wanted to embrace and kiss her so much.

But she didn’t allow me to do that. Instead, she rejected me all the time, telling me how she was going to take her revenge by not only letting my friends have their fun with her but also fuck me to show me who will be in charge of our marriage from now on.

She sat down on the bench, pulled me over her white stocking knees and spanked me so hard that hurt even though I had my shorts on. Every once in a while she repeated that was going to fuck me in my ass by pushing her finger into my anus through my shorts.

As always, Sade surprised me once again with her imagination, by showing me her camera in which she had videotaped and taken pictures of her infidelity. It was awesome to see her in the video bouncing up and down and talking to the camera how much she loved to be fucked by my best friend. I got so excited with that humiliation! While the spanking and the shocking video continue, she leaned over my face and licked my cheek and whispered me how big and good the cock of my best friend was to suck too. All of her cuckold stories were so hot and humiliating to be heard!

Then she told me to stand up and bend over because she was going to fuck my ass really good. I refused, only to receive a hard grab from her hand on my balls until I submit. My bride chose a small thin 4” dildo to strap it on and lube my asshole a little.

She even told me to put on her high heel shoes because my legs were shorter than hers and her femdom cock wasn’t at the same level as my asshole was. I felt so embarrassed while after doing it could see that my feet fitted perfectly to her shoes. When she shoved her femdom cock in my ass, I screamed and told her to pull it out, but she didn’t. Sade kept it deep until I started to relax and accept my painful reality. Then, she trusted hard while spanking and pulling my hair back telling how she was going to make me her bitch. And she did. My ass was so red by the time I beg her to fuck me harder and deeper. She just laughed and decided to try something bigger.

She put on a bigger dildo (like 7″) on her strap on and also picked up a vibrator in order to loose me up first. It was so painful when she tried to push the vibrator in my ass, that I begged her to stop and pull it out. But Sade was persistent. At one part of this suffering episode, she told me how a lazy bitch I was and that she knew that bigger things have come out from that hole. I was so sorry to disappoint her that decided to do my best effort to take it all. After she felt I was relaxed, told me to turn over on my hands and knees.

My beautiful bride started to push her femdom cock into my open ass. I squealed like a girl. She was taking all my masculinity off me. I wrapped my legs around hers and push back to receive more of her cock.

After all the entire cock has been pushed in my ass, she made me lay over on my stomach and at the same time she rested on top of my body. It was so delicious to feel her beautiful body, her stocking long legs and feet against me. I didn’t want it to end. My bride started to pound me harder, deeper and made me come like a girl so many times that I lost the counting.

I asked her if some pictures could be taken to remember this exciting moment. As her femdom cock was pulled out of my ass, I felt a great empty in my bottom. There was no doubt that Sade had popped my cherry and I was no longer virgin anymore. When she returned to the room, once again pushed her cock deep in my ass and started to fuck me slowly.

Beautiful Mistress Varla entered the room minutes later and took pictures of me being fucked hotly as the veil was also put on my head. At one point, Sade was pushing into me so hard that when she hold it in but deep in my ass I screamed: aaaaaaaahhh I love youuuuuuuu! Varla giggled at my expression as the smiling bride licked my cheek and ear seductively.

After thanking Varla for taking the pictures, I was treated more with this loving session. It was a 1-1/2 hour pounding session to finally have my happy ending on all fours while the Bride gave me her last hard trusts to my already exhausted butt. She proved that my ass was hers after all.

It took me almost 3 days to recover from this session. My ass was sore almost half a week but it was worth. Every trust was enjoyable as Mistress Sade showed me how to submit my ass. That’s something I’ll never forget.

The Cucky Hubby